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INTERVIEW: Bunker Holding Group’s Bunker One flexes physical strength

19 Feb 2018

Newly formed Bunker Holding Group (BHG) subsidiary Bunker One is keen to make itself known as the “go to” player for physical bunker deliveries worldwide, says its Global Director.
Bunker One launched on 1 February by combining all of BHG’s physical supply entities into a single brand operating in more than 12 countries supported by 79 employees.
“Basically, the reason why we are combining our physical units in one is in order to create awareness of our physical strength by tapping on local Bunker Holding agencies where we have some really good talented people for operations,” Peter Zachariassen told Manifold Times in an interview.
“What we want to do now is to take this local standard globally and implement this worldwide in all our operations. On top of being a physical supplier, we also want to play a more consultancy role towards our clients.”
Singapore-based Unicore, BHG’s other purchasing organisation for Singapore, Johor (Pasir Gudang) and Tanjung Pelepas as well as Dutch and Belgian ports (the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp region), will continue to handle operations at the republic.
“It is correct that Unicore is our purchasing arm in Singapore and they will also at the moment handle our operations in the port of Singapore; but the reason for us to start Bunker One Singapore is for us to be more focused on our local clients’ needs while making sure that we are ready for 2020 at the port,” he says.
“We are doing extensive research and talks worldwide to see what is expected of the activity in 2020 not only from the source side but also from the client side in order to meet the needs of our customers – and our job is to prepare that.
“The challenge we see in 2020 will not be the availability of fuels at the Singapore market, but instead the minor and secondary ports where sources for various compliant fuels might be an issue.
“As a group, it is very important we work together for more cooperation while also functioning as a consultancy for our customers and fuel producers. The role of a physical supplier in the future will be more and more focused on cooperation and consultancy than ever before.”
The adoption of mass flowmeters (MFM) technology for bunkering, though a requirement at world’s biggest bunkering port Singapore, will be considered at Bunker One’s other international physical bunker delivery locations on a case-by-case basis.
“We absolutely have good experience using MFM for bunker deliveries at Singapore. The introduction of MFM bunkering at Singapore is necessary and good, and something that of course we are very satisfied with it. It shows more substance and physical commitment,” notes Zachariassen.
“The experience from Singapore MFM operations is something we will consider introducing worldwide. One must also take note that bunkering operations at certain ports are different from others and we will leave it up to my departments to come up with best of advice of which ports to implement MFM bunkering.
“We will take our experience and knowledge of MFM bunkering operations at Singapore and combine it with our local expertise to evaluate the implementation of MFM bunkering at various ports.
“We are a champion for compliance and transparency and we want to meet the high standards expected of us at the Bunker Holding Group.”

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Photo credit: Bunker Holding
Publication date: 19 February 2018

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