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IFC: Update of boarding and attempted boarding incidents in Singapore Strait (Dec)

02 Dec 2022

Information Fusion Centre (IFC), a regional Maritime Security centre hosted by the Republic of Singapore Navy, on Thursday (1 December) shared an infographic with Manifold Times on boarding and attempted boarding incidents in the Singapore Strait as of 1 December 2022:

Key Observations and Assessments

  • Of the seven new incidents, five occurred in Phillip Channel, and two occurred in the Westbound Lane of the Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS), within the Singapore Strait. Of note, the five incidents in Phillip Channel during Nov 2022, is the highest number of incidents in Phillip Channel recorded within a month since Jan 2022.
  • In all the incidents, the perpetrators were not armed, and there was no confrontation and injury reported. Of note, most of the incidents reported items stolen.
  • Two incidents on 21 Nov 2022 occurred within 2 hours and 0.5nm apart from each other; assessed likely to be conducted by the same group of perpetrators due to similar group size (3-14 perpetrators), proximity of location, and time between incidents.

Recommended Actions for All Transiting Vessels

  • Remain vigilant, particularly when transiting the areas of concern in the Phillip Channel, and off Bintan and Batam
  • Adopt Ship Protection Measures recommended in the Regional Guide 2 to Counter Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia, e.g., (1) turn on weather deck lighting around the accommodation block and rear facing lighting on the poop deck, (2) maintain an all-round lookout at an elevated position with focus on suspicious small craft(s) approaching or in proximity to the ship’s aft, and (3) sound ship’s alarm when suspicious small craft(s) sighted
  • To avoid successive attempts by the same group of perpetrators, shippers will need to participate in Voluntary Community Reporting as depicted in 4th Edition MARSEC


Photo credit: Information Fusion Centre
Published: 2 December 2022

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