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Hydrex: Correlation between corroded pipes and scrubber-equipped ships

15 Feb 2018

Underwater ship repair and maintenance solutions provider Hydrex has noticed a correlation between repair jobs for scrubber-equipped ships.

“We have noted an increase in repairs to corroded pipework and outlets, which does appear to correspond with the increase in the number of ships fitted with scrubbers,” said Dave Bleyenberg, Hydrex production executive.

“These systems remove harmful sulphur oxide compounds from the exhaust gasses of marine diesel engines burning high-sulphur heavy fuel oils.

"However, the resulting residue removed from these gases can have a rapid and highly corrosive effect on the scrubbers’ internal pipework and outlets."

The company has attended to two similar cases on sister ships, one in Rotterdam and another in Denmark, where the scrubber cooling pipe outlet was corroded and had to be cut away and replaced with a highly chemical resistant coating.

"This meant that several of the frames around the pipe had to be removed before diver/technicians could cut away the corroded part of the old pipe," said Bleyenberg.

"While the shell plating was prepared for the installation of the replacement pipe, a new diffuser and flange were fabricated on site.

"The replacement pipe was then positioned and secured with a full penetration weld, and the new diffuser installed. The welding was inspected by an independent tester using NDT (non-destructive testing) techniques.

"Corroded scrubber pipework and discharge outlets is a serious problem, and we’re seeing more and more of it."

Photo credit: Hydrex
Published: 15 February 2018

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