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Genoil GHU tech upgrades 2.01%S IFO 380 to 0.34%S LSFO product

13 Nov 2018

Clean technology engineering firm Genoil on Monday announced an additional successful processing run of IFO 380 marine fuel oil at its feedstock processing facility at the UFA Scientific Research Institute in Bashkortostan for a second client based in the United Kingdom.

“This time, results were better than last time, with the Genoil Hydroconversion technology (GHU) producing commercial grade 0.34% LSFO (Low Sulphur Fuel Oil) from the marine fuel RMG-380,” it says.

“The feedstock originally contained a sulphur level of 2.01% by weight and also had possessed a lot of cracked materials. The GHU had a perfect yield of 92% and the company will announce further details about this run in the near future.

“This test brings Genoil GHU technology one step closer to global commercialisation. The data collected from this demonstration run will support the engineering and design of commercial GHU facilities around the world.

“Genoil is currently arranging for further processing of additional crude oil and fuel oil for target projects currently being considered.”

Meanwhile, the company says it has also received a supplier and contractor Certificate of Registration and evaluation from Petroleos Mexicanos which will allow Genoil to start work with Pemex.

Moving forward, Genoil says it is working together with the UFA Scientific Research Institute to market the GHU to several clients in Russia.

“Genoil had several meetings with Dmitry Sharonov who is the new director of the Institute,” it notes,

“Dmitry is well known in UFA and it is well known that his brother Andrei is a board of director of PAO Novatek Company and also is the Dean of the Moscow School of Management.”

Novatek is Russia's largest independent natural gas producer, and the seventh largest publicly traded company globally by natural gas production volume.

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Published: 13 November, 2018

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