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FOBAS: Singapore tops off-spec bunker fuel list for 2H August

04 Sep 2018

The Lloyd’s Register Fuel Oil Bunkering Analysis and Advisory Service (FOBAS) recorded the most off-spec bunker fuel cases at Singapore port between the period of 15th to 31st August 2018.

The report was prepared to fuel tested in accordance to ISO 8217 6th edition, as published on March 2017.

It posted a total of 81 off-spec cases where a result was outside the 95% confidence limit of either ISO 8217 6th edition test parameter or a value given by the BDN or sample label during the second half of August.

The top three bunker ports where off-spec bunker fuel cases in the period were:

Port Characteristic ISO 8217 Limit or Advised Value Final result Unit
Singapore Aluminium + Silicon 60* 97 mg/kg
Singapore Flash point 60.0*** 56.00 °C
Singapore Pour point 0* 6 oC
Singapore Sodium 100* 114 mg/kg
Singapore Sulphur 0.09** 0.23 % Mass
Singapore Total Sediment Potential 0.10* 0.21 % Mass
Singapore Viscosity at 50°C 367.9** 398.6 cSt
Singapore Viscosity at 50°C 500.0** 540.4 cSt
Singapore Water 0.50* 1.60 % Volume
Singapore Water 0.50* 0.85 % Volume
Singapore Water 0.50* 1.30 % Volume
Rotterdam Density at 15°C 1.0097** 1.0112 kg/l
Rotterdam Density at 15°C 0.9907** 0.9921 kg/l
Rotterdam Viscosity at 50°C 367.9** 400.2 cSt
Rotterdam Viscosity at 50°C 363.3** 400.0 cSt
Rotterdam Viscosity at 50°C 180.0** 249.3 cSt
Rotterdam Viscosity at 50°C 682.1** 741.8 cSt
Rotterdam Viscosity at 50°C 379.0** 403.2 cSt
Rotterdam Viscosity at 50°C 77.9** 85.1 cSt
Rotterdam Viscosity at 50°C 380.0** 397.9 cSt
Ust Luga Ash 0.010* 0.017 % Mass
Ust Luga Density at 15°C 0.9908** 0.9948 kg/l
Ust Luga Density at 15°C 0.9908** 0.9951 kg/l
Ust Luga Sulphur 0.07** 0.44 % Mass
Ust Luga Viscosity at 40°C 3.20** 6.59 cSt

“These reports will provide progressive snap shot of information every two weeks on the problematic quality characteristics of marine fuels as tested but should not be viewed in isolation,” notes FOBAS.

“The results given, of course, do not necessarily reflect the overall quality of fuels delivered at a particular port.”

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Published: 5 September, 2018

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