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FOBAS Alert: Off specification MGO bunker fuels From Balboa, Panama

21 Jan 2022

Lloyd’s Register Fuel Oil Bunkering Analysis and Advisory Service (FOBAS) on Thursday (20 January) released a bulletin warning shipowners of off-spec bunker fuels from Balboa, Panama:

In recent weeks, FOBAS has tested a number of MGO fuel samples from Balboa, Panama, which showed Sulphur levels above 0.11%m/m. These fuels all had BDN stating Sulphur levels below 0.10%m/m and it is assumed that these fuels were purchased for use in ECA-SOx.

Although the results were marginally high at 0.12%m/m this is still outside the allowed test tolerance range of the 0.10%m/m limit which stands out to be 0.11 % m/m as maximum.

We would recommend any vessels bunkering in this area to make sure they are clear with fuel supplier the requirements of the fuel in terms of Sulphur levels and to ensure that the BDN and designated MARPOL Annex VI sample are kept safely onboard, in case they are required by any authority to check Sulphur compliance.

Any vessel with particular concerns or dealing with an off-spec result can speak to FOBAS for further guidance and may also contact the relevant authorities including vessels Flag State and relevant port state for official guidance.


Photo credit: Louis Reed from Unsplash
Published: 21 January, 2022

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