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Electric powered cargo ship completes water trials on the Yangtze River

11 May 2020

A 1,000 tonne electric cargo ship, powered by a lithium battery and super capacitor successfully completed its water trials along the Yangtze River portion in ChangZhou, JiangSu on Friday (8 May), reports Xinhua News Agency.

Dubbed Zhongtiandianyun 001, the ship’s battery capacity is 1,458 kWh (equivalent to 40 electric cars) and can sail for up to 50km with 2.5 hours of shore power charging. This saves 20.16 metric tonnes of conventional fuel based on the 150 trips it is scheduled to make per year.

There are currently 4,918 shore power charging systems in eight cities along the Yangtze river.

“In future, the company will cooperate to promote [the] ‘oil to electricity’ transformation of freight ships, to reduce emissions from ships, and to take an impactful step towards the Yangtze River Protection,” said Li Yaohong, Director of the State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Marketing Department.

“Transportation vessels in the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal area account for nearly one-third of the number of inland transportation ships in the country,” said Fan Xiaofeng, Senior Engineer of the Port and Shipping Development Center of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Transportation.

“The promotion and application of pure electric transportation ships will change the energy structure of the Yangtze River water transportation and control pollution to protect the natural environment.”

Photo credit: The State Council of The People’s Republic of China
Published: 11 May, 2020

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