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CSSC shipyard first LNG DF VLCC for COSCO Shipping starts sea trial

07 Sep 2021

China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited (CSSC)’s first liquefied natural gas (LNG) dual fuelled VLCC for COSCO Shipping entered sea trials on Friday (3 September), it said.

The 332.6-meter-long ship uses LNG as the main fuel, supplemented by fuel oil. Its propulsion system consists of WINGD low-pressure dual-fuel main engine, and is equipped with dual-fuel generators and dual-fuel boilers.

The ship’s LNG storage system adopts a C-type storage tank design, and is able to receive LNG as a bunker fuel both on the port and port sides, with a filling rate of 1500 cubic meters per hour, which is convenient for the shipowner’s bunkering operations, notes CSSC.

The vessel has an endurance of 12,000 nautical miles in gas-mode, while the combined endurance of fuel oil and gas is 24,000 nautical miles.

During the voyage, the daily gas consumption of LNG is about 60 tons while the daily fuel oil consumption is about 74 tons.

“During the construction process, the ship’s gas supply system, C-type storage tanks, corrosion-resistant steel and many other systems, equipment, and materials were all contacted for the first time, which brought major problems to production,” said a statement.

“In order to promote the orderly production of production, in the early days, Dalian Shipbuilding Group held several technical training and exchange meetings to lay a solid technical foundation for the construction personnel.

“During the production, the management personnel are full-time and responsible for the safety and production management of all areas of the ship, including the engine room, deck, and pump warehouse.

“All the personnel involved in the construction work together to overcome difficulties and ensure the smooth realization of the ship’s various node plans.

“Before this sea trial, in order to ensure the orderly advancement of the sea trial project, the Shipbuilding Group actively communicated with the ship owner, understood the owner’s focus, and made full preparations to ensure the smooth completion of the sea trial.”


Photo credit: China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited
Published: 7 September, 2021

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