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China stakeholders discuss future development and adoption of methanol bunker fuel

23 Nov 2022

China maritime stakeholders discussed methanol as an alternative bunker fuel for ships in a session of the 2nd World Maritime Merchants Forum on Wednesday (16 November), according to several China-based news outlets.

During the discussion titled Application Status and Future Development of Methanol as Marine Fuel held online, the conference invited industry associations, shipyards, engine manufacturers, methanol fuel supply system manufacturers, ship management companies, methanol fuel suppliers, methanol fuel filling companies and shipowners to give their take on the topic. 

Together they analysed application status, future development trends and potential market of methanol as an alternative fuel for ships. The conference was to promote cooperation of all parties in the shipping industry to jointly promote methanol. 

Zhang Shouguo, executive vice president of China Shipowners’ Association and senior engineer, delivered an opening speech, said: “To achieve China’s ‘dual carbon’ goals, new logistics methods can be adopted and clean fuels can be used. Methanol is an excellent alternative clean fuel. Studies have shown that compared with pure diesel power, methanol-powered ships can reduce carbon monoxide emissions by 96%, reduce hydrocarbons by 99%, and reduce emission by 54%. It has become the first choice for green ships to replace fossil fuels to help the shipping industry achieve carbon emission reduction”.

Li Yanqing, Secretary-General of China Association of the National Shipbuilding Association, said: “We are now in an era of great changes in shipping and methanol has now stood out from many alternative fuels. The China Classification Society also released the 2022 version of guidelines for the application of methanol and ethanol fuel in ships in July this year, and major domestic ship design institutions are gradually improving the design of methanol-powered ships. Our association will pay close attention to the progress of various tasks, further strengthen exchanges and interactions with upstream and downstream shipping companies, and work together to explore a path of transformation and development of ship fuels that suits the characteristics of our country’s development.”

Liang Weiwei, a system design engineer of MAN Energy Solutions China Co., Ltd., talked on The Working Principle of Methanol Fuel Engine and the Composition of Dual Fuel System of Main Engine. By introducing the product line of MAN dual-fuel main engines, the existing gas and liquid dual-fuel engines of MAN were summarised and the methanol-fueled main engines can achieve conventional power output. He also emphasised that if green methanol is used as fuel, the goal of carbon neutrality can be achieved.

The conference was co-hosted by China Merchants Group, the Transport and Logistics Bureau of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, the Baltic and International Maritime Council, the International Chamber of Shipping, and the Hong Kong Shipowners Association.

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Photo credit: 文 邵 from Pixabay
Published: 23 November, 2022

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