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China: Sinopec involved in methanol bunkering operation at Nansha Port in Guangzhou

13 Oct 2022

Chinese oil major China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, or Sinopec, on Sunday (30 September) said it was recently involved in a methanol bunkering operation in China.

A total 90 metric tonnes (mt) of methanol bunker fuel sourced by Sinopec was delivered to the Stena Pro Marine at Nansha Port in Guangzhou.

According to Sinopec, the ship is amongst a series of 49,900 dwt methanol dual-fuel chemical/product oil tankers independently developed and built by Guangzhou Shipyard International, a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC).

Due to the absence of a methanol bunkering plan for ships, Sinopec and CSSC cooperated on a “ten-step method” referencing bunkering guidelines developed by Methanol Institute and Lloyd’s Register for the truck-to-ship bunkering operation.

Disclaimer: The above article published by Manifold Times was sourced from China’s domestic market through a local correspondent. While considerable efforts have been taken to verify its accuracy through a professional translator and processed from sources believed to be reliable, no warranty is made regarding the accuracy, completeness and reliability of any information.


Photo credit: Guangzhou Shipyard International
Published: 13 October, 2022

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