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China Classification Society releases China ECA technical notice

12 Dec 2018

The China Classification Society (CCS) on Tuesday released a Technical Notice advising industry stakeholders on the Implementation Plan for Marine Air Pollutant Emission Control Areas released by The Ministry of Transport of China on 10 December 2018.

The detailed 79-page CCS Technical Notice mainly covered the following contents:

  1. Interpretation of Implementation Plan on Marine Air Pollutant Emission Control Areas
  2. Types, safety impacts and control measures of compliant fuel oils
  3. Marine SOx emission control solutions and rule systems
  4. Latest technical information of implementing 0.50% low sulphur fuel oil standard
  5. List of relevant documents (attachments or download links)
  6. Reference documents published by relevant international organizations and download links
  7. Subsequent suggestions and technical services provided by CCS

“Considering that individual Administrations, especially China Maritime Safety Administration may further develop implementation procedures to enhance inspection of applicable ships to verify their compliance, it is suggested that applicable ships establish and carry out relevant procedures, such as training procedure, bunkering procedure, fuel oil changover procedure, operational procedure, and record relevant data as required (e.g. the date/time of starting and completing oil changeover or using post-treatment system, usage amount, latitude and longitude of the ship, etc.),” advises CCS.

“The crew is to be familiar with these requirements in advance and is able to be proficient in operating.

“Relevant support documents, such as bunker delivery note, oil record book, log and fuel oil samples should be kept on board ships, with attention paid to the retention period of relevant documents.

“If compliant fuel oil cannot be purchased timely or is not sold in local areas, or the ship has to use non-compliant fuel oils due to machinery fault or equipment failure, etc., the ship should timely contact its flag State Administration and relevant port Authority to address it as early as possible. Relevant documents should be kept on board as evidence.”

Readers who are interested to obtain a full copy of the CCS Technical Notice may contact alecliew@css.org.cn for the document.

Photo credit: China Classification Society
Published: 12 December, 2018


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