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Zhoushan bunkering ops improve efficiency with ‘one-stop acceptance’ platform

08 Mar 2023

The efficiency of bunkering operations at Zhoushan has improved due to a locally implemented ‘one-stop acceptance’ platform allowing a streamlined process for the approval of bunkering operations, said Hangzhou Customs District P.R. China on 24 February.

This resulted in the declaration of a bonded fuel oil supply business of 2,400 metric tonnes (mt) to Zhoushan Customs (a subsidiary of Hangzhou Customs) by Xiangyu International Trade (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. being approved in less than five minutes.

Xiangyu International Trade (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. is the latest enterprise to have obtained a bonded fuel supply qualification for the Zhoushan area of ​​the Zhejiang Pilot Free Trade Zone.

“Through the bonded fuel filling ‘one-stop acceptance’ platform, we don’t have to go to the window with paper materials to handle business,” said Zeng Weiyu of Xiangyu International Trade.

“We can now complete the bonded fuel delivery online through the submission of ship supply, verification and other documents.

Approvals for the release of bunker fuel from bonded terminals under the governance of Zhoushan Customs have been reduced by about eight hours for each request, he noted.

Xu Degang, Chief of the Bonded Supervision Section at Zhoushan Customs, said the organisation has been constantly assisting local bunker suppliers to improve bonded bunker fuel supply operations.

“Since the establishment of the Free Trade Zone, we have successively implemented cross-regional direct supply, oil supply at anchorages outside the port, multiple supply by one ship, and a ‘supply first’ model.

“More than 10 bonded oil regulatory innovation measures, such as digital reporting, […] continuously improve the efficiency of fuel supply, and help the Zhejiang Pilot Free Trade Zone Expand and strengthen the bonded oil supply business.”

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Disclaimer: The above article published by Manifold Times was sourced from China’s domestic market through a local correspondent. While considerable efforts have been taken to verify its accuracy through a professional translator and processed from sources believed to be reliable, no warranty is made regarding the accuracy, completeness and reliability of any information.


Photo credit: Hangzhou Customs District P.R. China
Published: 8 March, 2023

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