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Zhoushan Bonded Ship Fuel Association highlights cooperation between govt and shipping firms

26 Jul 2021

Disclaimer: An online translation service was used in the production of the current editorial piece.

The Zhoushan Bonded Ship Fuel Association (ZBSFA) on Wednesday (21 July) issued a statement highlighting the cooperation between the Zhoushan government and shipping firms including China Merchants Group, and COSCO Shipping Energy.

It explained the government is aiming to attract large oil tanker companies to use Zhoushan as a supply port for new voyages. 

“Governments at all levels and port units in Zhoushan have worked together to resolve issues such as crew shifts, third-party inspection agencies boarding inspections, and ship departures under the epidemic situation,” it states.

ZBSFA documented the 297,000 dwt VLCC Kaiyuan NEW RESOURCE owned by China Merchants Group and Hong Kong Haihong Shipping Company conducting a bunkering operation at Zhoushan port after completing its unloading operation at the Shihua Crude Oil Terminal on Cezi Island at 12 noon on 19 July.

The VLCC was guided by a pilot to the bunkering location at the No. 2 berth of Mazhi Anchorage where the bunker tanker Xinrun 20 was already waiting at the anchorage to deliver 1,998.5 mt of marine fuel. 

Following, the Kaiyuan NEW RESOURCE left Zhoushan port on the morning of 20 July after completing procedures required by various departments.

Further, ZBSFA mentioned Zhejiang Haigang International Trade Co., Ltd., a bonded oil supply company in the Zhejiang Free Trade Zone, using two bunker barges to simultaneously supply 4,306.9 mt of bunker fuel to the China Merchants Shipping subsidiary owned 325,000 dwt ULOC ORE Zhoushan on 15 July.

“The Zhoushan municipal government departments at all levels attach great importance to the demands of Hong Kong Haihong Shipping Company,” states ZBSFA.

“The People’s Government of Dinghai District, Zhoushan Municipal Health Commission, Zhoushan Port, Shipping and Port Administration, and Comprehensive Protection Zone Management Committee actively understand the situation.”


Photo credit: Zhoushan Bonded Ship Fuel Association
Published: 26 July, 2021


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