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World’s largest methanol production facility receives permit

10 Jan 2018

Methanol company IGP Methanol has been granted a title V Air Quality Permit by the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality for their Gulf Coast Methanol facility, located in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana.

The Gulf Coast Methanol Park will consist of four identical methanol Plants or "trains" each producing 1.8 million tons per year of methanol from natural gas, making it the world's largest permitted methanol production facility.

When complete, Gulf Coast Methanol will produce 7.2 million metric tonnes (mt) of methanol per year. Production is planned to begin in late 2020. 

“We have invested years of work and very significant capital to design and engineer what we believe is the largest, and at the same time, the lowest-emission methanol plant in the world, per ton of production,” said managing director James S. Lamoureaux.

“Several US Fortune 500 companies are involved as supply partners to help develop this project. IGP has already selected technology and engineering providers, natural gas supply, gas transportation, oxygen and nitrogen supply, as well as storage and loading partners.”

According to Lamoureaux, methanol has “tremendous” potential as a drop-in fuel that can replace gasoline and diesel in transportation, and replace LPG, coal, wood, and kerosene in cooking fuel and industrial boilers. It can also replace diesel in railways and power generation.

“We believe methanol will be a transformative fuel in ocean freight as well, reducing emissions by 95% as opposed to bunker fuel,” he notes.

“In addition, methanol is also the only liquid carrier for hydrogen fuel cells, greatly reducing the costs and complexity of delivering and storing hydrogen for the hydrogen economy.”

Photo credit: IGP Methanol
Publication date: 10 January, 2018

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