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World LPG Association releases LPG bunker fuel report

01 Feb 2018

The World LPG Association (WLPGA) has published a report LPG for Marine Engines – The Marine Alternative Fuel, dedicated to the use of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in the marine sector.

According to the association, the report contains a wealth of information, data and compelling arguments in support of using LPG as the fuel of choice in marine vessels.

It also promotes the understanding of the technical possibilities and market potential of LPG as a fuel in the marine sector.

Further, the report gives a comprehensive overview of aspects related to LPG as a marine fuel, including production and utilisation, engine technologies, markets, safety considerations, environmental performance, pricing, and financial feasibility.

It provides also an update of current developments in the marine gaseous fuel market and the numerous opportunities and recommends actions for the LPG industry and wider, in order to pave the way for a take-up in the marine routes.

“It is hoped that this report can secure endorsement from leading stakeholders such as classification societies, vessel manufacturers, ship owners and the International Maritime Organization,” it says.

“It targets vessel owners, vessel operators and other stakeholders who need to decide on the type of fuel used in vessels, as well as local and national authorities that drive legislation impacting on the choice of fuel.

“LPG as a marine fuel is at least as attractive as LNG, already available almost everywhere, offering shorter payback periods, lower investment costs and less sensitivity to fuel price scenarios.

“LPG can be used in all sizes of vessels from the largest of ocean going ships, down to the smaller boats with inboard or outboard engines. On the basis of the recommendations of this report, significant additional activity is now ongoing, in particular targeting the sector of large shipping and bunkering.”

The report can be downloaded [here].
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Photo credit: World LPG Association
Published: 1 February, 2018

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