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Vietnam: Coast guard detains unmarked vessel illegally carrying 20,000 litres of diesel

12 Oct 2020

Disclaimer: An online translation service was used in the production of the current editorial piece.

The Vietnam Coast Guard on Friday (9 October) said the patrol team of the 1st Marine Police Zone Command have detained a tanker without a license number on its hull for carrying 20,000 litres of undocumented diesel oil. 

The team was out on patrol on Friday (9 October) when they discovered the unmarked vessel around 4.30 am at the Hai Phong sea area. 

Initial investigations revealed that there was a Captain and one crew member onboard. The Captain was unable to present the vessel’s documents, crew’s professional certificates and invoices proving the legality of the diesel oil carried onboard. 

According to the Captain’s statement, the diesel oil was purchased from an unknown ocean carrier in the area and he was on his way to a wharf at the Thuy Nguyen area of Hai Phong to sell the oil to smaller vessels.

Currently, 1st Marine Police Zone Command have detained the vessel and diesel onboard for further investigations and to be dealt with in accordance with Vietnamese law. 

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Photo credit:
Vietnam Coast Guard
Published: 12 October, 2020


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