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TFG Marine to supply low carbon alternative bunker biofuels for testing in JIP

04 Jun 2021

Global bunker fuel supply and procurement company TFG Marine, a joint venture between Trafigura and shipping firms Frontline and Golden Ocean, on Thursday (3 June) said it will be providing a second generation low carbon alternative bunker biofuels for testing aboard certain vessels.

Italian product tanker owner d’Amico’s vessels, the Cielo Bianco and Cielo di Rotterdam, will be used in the testing.

The tests are part of a Joint Industry Project (JIP) brought together by d’Amico, to test the biofuel blends (B30) derived from advanced second generation feedstock on one of its LR1 product tankers already in EEDI Phase 2.

The JIP will bring together d’Amico Group, TRAFIGURA, ABS, RINA, Lloyd’s Register’s Fuel Oil Bunker Analysis Advisory Service (FOBAS), the Liberian Registry and MAN Energy Solutions.

The objective of the JIP will be to calculate possible carbon dioxide emissions reduction through a “Lifecycle strategy”. 

It will use the so-called well-to-wheel (WTW) analysis, from raw material acquisition to its burning while the ship is underway, to compare the performance of biofuels to traditional fossil fuels.

Moreover, the project will assess the stability and degradation of the biofuel in relation to storage time and NOx emissions to confirm that the use of biofuel B30 will not affect the Tier II certification of the engines.

It will also measure the effects and improvements on EEXI and CII indexes adopted as short-term measures by the International Maritime Organisation.

The pre-trial phase of the project started in March 2021 when details of the nature and composition of the biofuel blends were made available and the establishment of the protocols relating to fuel testing, inspections, NOx measurement and the sea trials. 

It was also necessary to prepare the risk assessment, the MOC, to adapt the swap procedures and to develop a consistent crew training program.

The second phase, the trials on board the vessels, is scheduled for mid-June 2021, in accordance with the planned trade routes of the vessels. 

This phase will start as soon as the bunkering is completed, and all protocols have been defined and approved by the OEM and the class societies involved. 

The trial phase will monitor the behaviour of the main engine, the diesel generators and the boilers in burning the biofuel blend, to evaluate operation, performance, and fuel storage capability. NOx will also be measured.

In the post-trial phase, the reported emissions will be processed and analysed with particular focus on CO2 and NOx and their effects on the EEXI and CII, according to the existing draft guidelines.

The project ending is planned for mid July 2021.

“TFG Marine, Trafigura’s joint venture marine fuel supply business with Frontline and Golden Ocean, is already successfully demonstrating the safe and effective use of biofuels in the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA) region through sea trials and laboratory testing, and will take an active role in this joint industry project to test the B30 biofuel blend derived from advanced second generation feedstock,” said Jamie Torrance, Head of Distillate & Fuel Oil Trading for Trafigura.


Photo credit: TFG Marine
Published: 4 June, 2021

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