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TecnoVeritas Enermulsion system enables fuel savings of up to 7%

23 Apr 2019

Marine engineering consultancy firm TecnoVeritas has introduced an automated inline fuel oil emulsion system which offers fuel savings of up to 7% due to improved combustion, it says.

Enermulsion processes fuel oil and water, producing a very stable and engine load optimised water-in-fuel emulsion.

“Through ultrasound technology and due to cavitation, the thermionic decomposition of water molecules and cracking of hydrocarbon structures occurs, resulting in a stable fuel homogenization without requiring to use any additional emulsifiers” states TecnoVeritas.

“The fuel treatment takes place in contact with an ultrasound titanium sonotrode, inside the cavitation chamber. The sonotrode is placed in resonance at about 20 kHz with an amplitude that can change from 50 to 100%.”

The processed fuel emulsion, when burned in the engines, results in a higher quality ignition without any significant changes in the desired fuel properties (thermal, physical and chemical).

An advantage of the process is that it allows to significantly reduce the emissions of the fuel, attaining a NOx reduction of up to 30%, but also a reduction of up to 80% of Particulate Matter.

“Another interesting fact about this water-in-fuel emulsion is that it allows obtaining fuel savings that may go up 7%,” says TecnoVeritas.

“This fact is related to improved combustion associated with the shorter hydrocarbon molecules with OH radicals, the increase of the turbocharger efficiency as well as to the air entrance in the fine spray layer formed due to an increase of momentum and penetrating force.

“These fuel savings represent a more economical gain to its user.”

Photo credit: TecnoVeritas
Published: 23 April, 2019


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