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Taiwan-based Billions Bunker Group de-registered

08 Jan 2018

Taiwan-based Billions Bunker Group has been reportedly de-registered from the corporate registry of the Marshall Islands.

The company allegedly chartered tanker Lighthouse Winmore to deliver bunker fuel to a North Korean vessel, along with other ships.

“The Trust Company of the Marshall Islands Inc. or TCMI and the Republic of the Marshall Islands government received a request for information concerning the Billions Bunker Group Corporation, a Marshall Islands corporation, from the Taiwanese government,” said Trust Company manager James Myazoe.

“TCMI is aware of a few reports relating this Marshall Islands-registered corporation to the Taiwan-based Billions Bunker Group which has been implicated in illegal ship-to-ship transfers of petroleum products for the benefit of North Korea.

“While TCMI has had no information from international authorities implicating the Marshall Islands corporation, TCMI is annulling the corporation due to its reported affiliation with Billions Bunker Group.”

TCMI is currently assisting Taiwanese authorities in investigations.

Publication date: 8 January, 2018

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