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Skangas celebrates 1,000 LNG bunkering milestone

20 Mar 2018

Nordic liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunker supplier Skangas reached a 1,000 bunkering operation milestone in 2017, representing more than a 60% increase over previous years’ activities.

“As more and more operators convert their ships to clean fuel with LNG and dual-fuelled engines to power them, demand has risen significantly,” said Gunnar Helmen, Sales Manager – Marine for Skangas.

“This is particularly true in European waters where, until recently, most of the traffic consisted of ferries and RoPax cruise ferries routinely traveling set routes.

“Today, the supply pattern is more diverse due to the use of a greater variety of vessels, that require different types of bunkering solutions. And we are responding directly by offering a number of solutions for this market.”

The firm started operations of its LNG bunkering tanker Coralius in 2017, which introduced in a new era of efficiency in LNG bunkering, it says.

The Coralius improved the company’s ability to be more flexible and responsive to vessels that require LNG without visiting a terminal or port.

Of the total 1,000 LNG bunkering operations carried out in 2017, 60% were for truck-to-ship in port; 38% terminal-to-ship (including the Skangas LNG production facility); and 2% ship-to-ship in port or at sea.

Moving forward, Skangas expects demand for LNG by the marine market to increase significantly in the coming years.

“Already, the number of bunkering operations we’ve executed for the marine market is higher than in Q1 2017,” said Helmen.

“Clearly, 2018 is set to be another exciting year for Skangas, as we continue to provide readily accessible LNG to industries that operate at sea and onshore throughout the Nordics.”

Manifold Times earlier reported Skangas to supply LNG marine fuel using a ship-to-ship bunkering system at the port of Gothenburg this tear.

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Photo credit: Skangas
Published: 20 March, 2018


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