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Sinopec Changling completes production unit to blend low sulphur bunker fuel

15 Jun 2020

Disclaimer: An online translation service was used in the production of the current editorial piece.

Sinopec Changling Petrochemical on Monday (8 June) said a plan to modify its existing production unit to blend low sulphur marine fuel has been delivered five days ahead of schedule.

Though the planning process took 55 days, the production team encountered many difficulties such as shortage in manpower due to COVID-19 restrictions, lack of materials, and bad weather. 

With the deadline looming, the team made the decision to ‘design and build as you go’, meaning that they designed the unit based on what equipment they could purchase at that time.

An unconventional route involving the contractor in the design of the basic structure, making modifications to fine tune the equipment as the process went along to ensure quality, was also undertaken.

The project involved adding 3,600 meter of process pipelines, 6,400 meters of heat tracing pipelines, and the production unit is expected to produce 10,000 metric tonnes of low sulphur marine fuel per month.

Photo credit: Keith Mulcahy
Published: 15 June, 2020


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