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Singapore: Nan Shan Maritime Pte Ltd to be wound up; liquidator calls for creditors meeting

18 Apr 2022

Three notices were published in the Government Gazette on Thursday (14 April) regarding the winding up process of several companies including Nan Shan Maritime Pte Ltd. 

The companies included in the published notices are: 

  • Nan Shan Maritime (Pte.) Ltd. 
  • An Ping Shipping Pte. Ltd.
  • Da Wei Shipping (Pte.) Ltd. 
  • Da Kang Shipping (Pte.) Ltd. 
  • Da Jiang Shipping (Pte.) Ltd. 
  • Da Hua Shipping (Pte.) Ltd.
  • Xin Jiang Shipping (Pte.) Ltd. 
  • Xin Rong Shipping (Pte.) Ltd. 

In the first notice, the companies’ Director, Lim Chee Meng, declared on Monday (11 April) that the companies can no longer continue its business due to its liabilities and proceeded to summon a creditors’ meeting within a month of the declaration.

The second notice was regarding the appointment of Tam Chee Chong of Perun Consultants as the companies’ provisional liquidator. 

In the third notice, the Director announced a creditors’ meeting has been scheduled to be held at 204B Telok Ayer Street Singapore 068640 on Monday (25 April) at 10.35 am for the following purposes: 

  • To lay before the creditors a full statement of the affairs of the Companies; 
  • To appoint Mr. Tam Chee Chong as the liquidator for the purpose of the winding up; 
  • To consider and if thought fit appoint a Committee of Inspection of not more than 5 persons for the purpose of winding up; and 
  • Any other matters

The contact details for the appointed provisional liquidator is as follows:

Provisional Liquidator
c/o 204B Telok Ayer Street,
Singapore 068640


Photo credit: Benjamin-child
Published: 18 April, 2022


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