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Shenzhen makes plans to become international LNG bunkering hub

05 Jun 2020

Chinese city-gas distributor Shenzhen Gas on Thursday (4 June) said it signed an agreement with the Yantian District Government, CNPC Natural Gas Sales Company and Yantian Port Group to jointly develop the construction of a Shenzhen offshore international liquified natural gas (LNG) bunkering hub.

The project aims to provide LNG bunkering facilities at the Guangdong-Macau-Hong Kong greater bay area in order for it to become an environmentally friendly port area. 

The project is to be implemented over several phases beginning with several 8,000 to 10,000 cubic LNG bunkering vessels  servicing customers in the area.

The company estimates a potential bunkering volume of up to 230,000 metric tonnes (mt) per year when starting operations.

The facility is expected to achieve a bunkering volume of 2 million mt per year when matured, producing an annual output value of RMB 10 billion (USD1.4 billion).

“Shenzhen has already established five sources for LNG, including the West-East Gas Pipeline, Australia’s imported LNG, and Hua’an LNG receiving station,” said Zhang Xiaodong, President of Shenzhen Gas.

“Most of the oil and gas storage facilities are located near the eastern Shenzhen waters. The location of the LNG bunkering hub is convenient as it is close to these sources. 

“Next, Shenzhen Gas will put in greater effort to monitor LNG reserves and replenishment Shenzhen’s natural gas reserves while attracting more international LNG powered ships to dock at Yantian Port.”

Photo credit: Shenzhen gas
Published: 5 June, 2020


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