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Shell MGO bunker heist: Former Intertek, Inspectorate surveyors receive fines, jail sentences

01 Sep 2022

Two former surveyors employed by Intertek Testing Services Pte Ltd (Intertek) and Inspectorate Singapore Pte Ltd (Inspectorate) received fines and jail sentences at the State Courts of Singapore on Monday (29 August) due to their involvement in the misappropriation of Shell gasoil at Shell Pulau Bukom, according to court documents obtained by Manifold Times.

A Duraisamy received a SGD 42,870.60 fine and 10-month jail sentence due to offences punishable under Section 6(a) of the Prevention of Corruption Act (Cap 241, 1993 Rev Ed) (PCA), which charges are combined under Section 124(4) of the Criminal Procedure Code 2010.

He first served as a surveyor at Intertek between 2013 to 2015 and was employed for a similar role by Inspectorate between 2016 to 2017.

Between 2014 and 2015, Duraisamy corruptly accepted total gratification of USD 15,000 (SGD 20,514) from Juandi bin Pungot to inaccurately report the amount of cargo loaded onto vessels which Intertek was engaged to inspect.

Sometime in April 2017, he accepted a bribe of USD 10,000 (SGD 14,070) from Richard Goh Chee Keong, the former Loading Master of Shell Eastern Petroleum Private Limited (Shell).

The bribes were for Duraisamy to omit inspection of non-nominated tanks and to falsely understate in his ullage reports the amount of cargo loaded onto receiving vessels. They were also for him to turn a blind eye and remain quiet about any misappropriation of Shell gasoil.

As a result of Duraisamy’s assistance in concealing the misappropriation of gasoil, three incidents of misappropriation of Shell gasoil (worth USD 1.78 million) went undetected by Shell between 2016 to 2017.

Lee Been Lian, who was surveyor employed by Intertek during the time of offence, was fined SGD 6,795 and received a two-month jail sentence due to offences punishable under Section 6(a) of the PCA.

Sometime in October 2017, Mr Lee received USD 5,000 (SGD 6,795) from Mr Goh in exchange for not inspecting the non-nominated tanks of a receiving vessel which loaded Shell gasoil without Shell’s authorisation.

The monies were also for Mr Lee to turned a blind eye to and keep quiet about any misappropriation of Shell gasoil.

His action of helping Goh and his co-conspirators conceal one incident of misappropriation of Shell’s gasoil resulted in Shell losing gasoil (worth USD 1. 20 million) during October 2017.

Notably, court documents highlighted Shell taking numerous “costly measures” to improve its systems and processes at Shell Pulau Bukom since the discovery of large-scale misappropriation.

These include:

  • Installation of new and additional custody transfer meters and anti-theft CCTV;
  • Development of a monitoring software to detect potential theft of gasoil;
  • Creation of new permanent positions to strengthen the supervision of key processes;
  • Focus on improving frontline staff performance.

By end 2020, the estimated cost directly incurred or to be incurred by Shell to manage the consequence of the long-term misappropriation, including the implementation of the measures detailed above, was in the region of SGD 6 million.

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Photo credit: Manifold Times
Published: 1 September, 2022

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