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Sembcorp Marine names first LNG hybrid tug “JMS Sunshine” in Singapore

19 Jan 2023

Sembcorp Marine Ltd on Wednesday (18 January) said it celebrated the naming of its first of a series of LNG hybrid tugs specially designed for domestic service in Singapore. 

The Singapore-flagged vessel was christened JMS Sunshine by our Lady Sponsor Ms Wong Lee Lin, former Executive Director of Sembawang Shipyard (S) Pte Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sembcorp Marine and former Head of Repairs & Upgrade at Sembcorp Marine.

As part of the Company’s decarbonisation initiatives and to lead maritime fleet renewal with green propulsion vessels, Sembcorp Marine commissioned the design and build of the world’s first LNG hybrid tug in 2018. Sembcorp Marine plans to build a fleet of tugs to progressively replace the existing diesel-powered fleet operated by Jurong Marine Services (JMS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Sembcorp Marine Ltd and a licenced operator of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore.

JMS Sunshine is designed by LMG Marin AS, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sembcorp Marine with a proven track record of delivering green and energy efficient solutions globally. The tug is classed by ABS (America Bureau of Shipping) and has a Cyber Secure 1 notation to safeguard the asset from growing cyber threats faced by the marine and offshore industry.

The first of its kind, JMS Sunshine runs on pure LNG with a sizable energy storage system based on Lithium ion battery. This system allows emission-free operation of the tug during idling and low speed transit. It is capable of taking over the energy needs if a spike in power is warranted, and comes equipped with a “take-me-home” reserve capacity to ensure safe return of the tug in the event of engine failure.

The tug is built with maximum operability, safety and manoeuvrability, reliability, efficient fuel consumption and comfort under all environmental conditions. It also has low lifecycle costs and leaves minimal environmental footprint.

The naming ceremony of JMS Sunshine further reaffirms the Group’s proven track record in developing a suite of sustainable product solutions. When delivered, JMS Sunshine will be deployed in Sembcorp Marine yards for ship manoeuvring, mooring and unmooring operations. It can also be deployed by ship operators to escort vessels within Singapore port limits.

Mr Gordon Ng, JMS Assistant General Manager, said: “We are thrilled to be part of the team bringing green solutions to Singapore waters. JMS Sunshine is the first LNG hybrid tug that we have worked on, and we look forward to conversions of the rest of our tug fleet into LNG hybrid tugs to further greenify our operations.”

Mr Simon Kuik, Sembcorp Marine Head of R&D, said: “Emission regulations on marine vessels are getting more stringent every year. The ultimate goal is to cut the Group’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by at least 50% by 2050 compared to 2008. To stay ahead of the curve, we invest selectively in innovative design solutions. Sembcorp Marine has consequently aligned its strategic position to develop a suite of sustainable product solutions specifically tailored to address the shift towards a low carbon economy.”

Mr Wong Weng Sun, Sembcorp Marine President & CEO, said: “Sembcorp Marine is delighted to play our part in leading the way towards decarbonisation in Singapore. We are also directly contributing to Singapore’s strategy on climate change and decarbonisation, and the International Maritime Organisation’s strategy to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. JMS Sunshine aligns with Sembcorp Marine’s sustainability ethos, as well as the Group’s diversification into the renewable and clean energy industries.”


Photo credit: Sembcorp Marine
Published: 18 January, 2023

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