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Samsung Heavy Industries to develop floating nuclear power plants and nuclear powered ships

11 Jun 2021

Samsung Heavy Industries on Wednesday (9 June) said it has signed an offshore nuclear power plant technology development agreement with Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) to start research on Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) based floating nuclear power plants and nuclear powered ships.

Through this agreement, SHI plans to pioneer the MSR-based floating nuclear power plant and nuclear-powered ship market as part of strengthening its capacity for future new business expansion.

The agreement includes joint research plans for:

  • MSR element technology and related equipment development, such as heat exchangers;
  • offshore nuclear product design and business model development;
  • performance verification, and economic evaluation.

According to Samsung, nuclear fuel has a lifespan of more than 20 years (which is the same as the life cycle of a ship) so there is no need to replace it after being mounted.

In the event of abnormality, the nuclear fuel inside the MSR unit will be able to solidify thus providing high safety.

The signing ceremony was attended by key stakeholders including Samsung Heavy Industries President Jin-taek Jeong and Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute President Park Won-seok, and they agreed to conduct joint research by establishing a mutually strategic cooperative relationship.

“MSR is a carbon-free energy source that can efficiently respond to climate change issues and is a next-generation technology that meets the vision of Samsung Heavy Industries. We plan to focus on R&D to become a new future growth engine,” said Jintaek Jeong, president of Samsung Heavy Industries.


Photo credit: Free-Photos from Pixabay
Published: 11 June, 2021

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