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Quadrise: Latest tests reveal ‘much higher diesel engine efficiency’ of bioMSAR™ product

03 Feb 2022

Quadrise, the supplier of MSAR® and bioMSAR™ emulsion technology and fuels, on Monday (31 January) confirm the results of the latest bioMSAR™ testing at Aquafuel Research Ltd’s (Aquafuel) UK test facility.

The results relate to further engine optimisation testing of bioMSAR™, conducted on the Company’s Cummins high-speed 4-stroke diesel engine generating set, to allow accurate performance monitoring, optimisation and measurements to be made.

They follow the initial testing at Aquafuel, the results of which were published by the Company on 1 February 2021.

During 2021 the engine was modified to allow injection timing to be advanced and performance to be monitored more accurately. These enhancements provided the ability to assess and optimise engine efficiency and emissions whilst using bioMSAR™ and other fuels.

Initial baseline runs under the latest testing were undertaken to ensure prior bioMSAR™ performance results were repeatable. These confirmed previously announced engine efficiency benefits of 3% and reductions of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions of over 20% in comparison to diesel fuel.

The next phase of testing now completed has demonstrated that by advancing injection timing, engine efficiency can be increased by over 13%, thereby further reducing fuel consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Ordinarily, higher engine efficiencies result in increased combustion temperatures and NOx emissions. However, of particular note, the latest tests at Aquafuel have confirmed that it was possible with bioMSAR™ to reduce the inlet air temperature to the same level as diesel. This resulted in NOx levels being further reduced by over 30%, some 45% lower than diesel fuel.

These latest tests have therefore shown that much higher diesel engine efficiency can be achieved with bioMSAR™, without increasing NOx emissions.  Further tests are being planned with Aquafuel during the year to focus on fully defining efficiency and emissions optimisation settings.

“We are pleased to obtain these outstanding results for bioMSAR™, providing further technical endorsement of the potential of the fuel,” said Jason Miles, CEO of Quadrise.

“The higher engine efficiency and lower emissions evidenced by Aquafuel’s testing are highly attractive features for all future clients of bioMSAR™, particularly those with ambitious decarbonisation targets.

“These results support our plans for larger-scale bioMSAR™ testing this year, and ultimately commercialisation.”

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Photo credit: Quadrise
Published: 3 February, 2022

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