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Propulsion Dynamics’ new service allows ‘sneak peak’ at vessel’s fuel efficiency

Allows chartering department to estimate fuel performance of vessel before chartering-in commitment.




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Hull and propeller performance monitoring technology firm Propulsion Dynamics has introduced a new product, Inferred Fuel Performance, which allows a ‘sneak peak’ of a vessel’s expected performance based simply on its type.

Latest reports suggest global shipping fuel costs to rise by $24 billion in 2020 when the new International Maritime Organization (IMO) 0.5% global sulphur cap on fuel takes effect.

The increased cost has resulted in a heightened interest by charterers on the fuel efficiency of their ships, say Propulsion Dynamics.

“Inferred Fuel Performance takes vetting to a new level. It allows the chartering department to have a clear insight of the likely fuel performance of a vessel, based on our database of performance analysis, before chartering-in a vessel,” explains Daniel Kane, Vice President of Propulsion Dynamics’ CASPER® Service.

“Through the ship’s unique IMO number we are able to locate ships of similar dimensions in our CASPER® database, we then take the hydrodynamic correction factors for those ships with similar dimensions and estimate clean ship performance found from trials.

“By considering such factors as the age of the ship, time out of dock, [AIS-based] service patterns and prior hull/propeller treatments – in dock and in water maintenance if available – we are able to assign a likely added resistance to the ship.

“This added resistance factor allows us to create likely fuel performance curves corrected for multiple sea states, draft and speed regimes.”

The process is simplified as there is no sea trial or noon reports required to infer the fuel performance of a vessel.

“Inferred Fuel Performance is part of our commitment to providing not just shipowners and ship managers but charterers too with the tools they need to make big data, analysis-driven decisions based on real-time ship performance information, to further optimize operations and improve energy efficiency,” states Kane.

Published: 28 August, 2018

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Singapore: DNV FuelBoss and Equatorial Marine Fuel enter digital bunkering MoU

To build digital delivery platforms that are interoperable, compliant to data and security standards set by the MPA and Singapore Standards Council.





Singapore DNV FuelBoss and Equatorial Marine Fuel enter digital bunkering MoU cover

FuelBoss, a subsidiary of DNV, and Singapore bunker supplier Equatorial Marine Fuel Management Services (EMF) on Friday (19 April) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to further develop digital bunkering capabilities for all marine fuels.

The objective of the MoU is to strengthen the partnership between both organisations to build digital delivery platforms that are interoperable, compliant to data and security standards set by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and Singapore Standards Council.

The scope of the MoU allows the development of integrated services across both organisations’ technological platforms to provide seamless operations, real-time insights into bunker delivery processes to industry stakeholders, international shipowners, bunker suppliers, and bunker traders for all marine fuels.

It will also enable the sharing of experience, materials, and expertise between the two organisations with the industry to accelerate the pace of digitalisation and support companies in implementing digital bunkering solutions.

Singapore DNV FuelBoss and Equatorial Marine Fuel enter digital bunkering MoU 1

Singapore DNV FuelBoss and Equatorial Marine Fuel enter digital bunkering MoU

“We are committed to pioneering digital solutions that enhance the safety and trust in marine fuels transactions. This MoU with EMF underscores our dedication to advancing Digital Delivery and Live Delivery Insights in the maritime industry and we are honored to partner with them,” said Martin Wold, Head of FuelBoss.

“By collaboratively developing interoperable platforms that align with the latest data and security standards, we aim to set a new benchmark and replicate this for the rest of the industry.

“Our partnership with EMF will leverage both organisations' strengths to provide comprehensive, real-time insights into bunker delivery processes, benefiting all stakeholders in the maritime ecosystem.”

EMF is the leading supplier of marine fuels in Singapore in 2022 and 2023. As part of their growth strategy, EMF has been investing in digitally transforming the business and operations since 2018.

Over the years, EMF has integrated several of their systems to streamline operations and has built an in-house technology team to customise solutions to better serve their customers and stakeholders.

“We have always believed that digitalisation is one of the keys to the future for the Maritime industry. Over the years, we have participated in and supported the digital initiatives launched by MPA,” said Collin Ng, Chief Technology Officer of EMF.

“The digital bunkering initiative launched by MPA on 1 November 2023 is core to completing the digitalisation of the bunker supply chain for the industry.

“With the signing of the MoU with FuelBoss, we are looking forward to providing an extensive and comprehensive digital delivery platform for our collective customers and stakeholders.”


Photo credit: DNV FuelBoss
Published: 19 April 2024

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Singapore: Bunker firm Sea Hub Energy to be wound up voluntarily

Development comes following directors, Lim and Ang, lodging a SD stating the firm cannot continue its business due to liabilities; Ang was sentenced a 35-month imprisonment in 2021 for MFM systems tampering.





RESIZED Sea Hub Energy

Sea Hub Energy Pte Ltd (Sea Hub), a company formerly in the business of chartering and trading of marine fuels at Singapore port, will be wound up as a Creditors’ Voluntary Winding Up, according to a Government Gazette notice published on Monday (15 April).

This came following an Extraordinary General Meeting held on 5 April.

The Special Resolution set out below were duly passed:

  • That the company be wound up as a Creditors’ Voluntary Winding Up pursuant to Section 160(1)(b) of the Insolvency, Restructuring and Dissolution Act 2018 and that Tan Wei Cheong and Lim Loo Khoon, both care of Deloitte & Touche LLP, 6 Shenton Way, OUE Downtown 2, #33-00 Singapore 068809, be appointed as the Joint and Several Liquidators (the Liquidators) for the purpose of the winding up.
  • That the Liquidators be at liberty to exercise all or any of the powers conferred on them pursuant to the Insolvency, Restructuring and Dissolution Act 2018.

Manifold Times previously reported directors of Sea Hub lodging a statutory declaration (SD) stating that the company cannot continue its business due to its liabilities.

In the SD lodged on 5 March, the directors, Lim Seet Huat and Ang Heng Lye, said the meetings of the company and its creditors have been summoned for 5 April 2024, being a date within one month of the date of the SD.

In June 2021, the State Courts of the Republic of Singapore issued Ang a 35-month imprisonment sentence, due to his role in a conspiracy to tamper with the mass flow metering (MFM) systems on board Singapore bunker tankers Southernpec 6 and Southernpec 7 between October 2018 to April 2019.

During the period of offence, Ang was employed as a consultant at Ocean Express Pte Ltd; around June 2018, Ang was acting as a consultant and partner of Success Energy Service Pte Ltd.

Lim, who founded Sea Hub in 2007, is a 70% shareholder of the company where he also works as its Shipping Director overseeing vessel management and chartering operations; the remaining 30% shareholding of the firm belongs to Trading Director Ang.

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Photo credit: Manifold Times
Published: 19 April 2024

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Mass Flowmeter

TFG Marine and Endress+Hauser to install MFM on bunkering vessel in Mauritius

Bunkering vessel “MT Hakkasan” will be the first of TFG Marine-GRM joint-venture’s bunkering vessels in the region to be fitted with a fully calibrated and ISO22192 compliant MFM.





TFG Marine and Endress+Hauser to install MFM on bunkering vessel in Mauritius

Global marine fuel supply and procurement firm TFG Marine on Monday (15 April) said its technical team joined Swiss-based mass flow meter manufacturers Endress+Hauser Group in Port Louis, Mauritius.

They carried out preparatory inspection works on the MT Hakkasan, the first of TFG Marine-GRM (Group Roland Maurel) joint-venture’s bunkering vessels in the region to be fitted with a fully calibrated and ISO22192 compliant MFM.

Bunkering vessel “MT Hakkansan”

Bunkering vessel “MT Hakkasan”

While in Port Louis, TFG Marine delegation also met with local shipyards to discuss the technical specifications necessary for the installation of MFMs on additional barges.

“(This) underscores our commitment to expanding the application of this cutting-edge technology across our operations in the region - and to help pave the way for others to follow suit,” it said in a social media post.


Photo credit: TFG Marine
Published: 19 April 2024

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