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Prominent prosecutor to lead spectacular lawsuit against Dan-Bunkering, reports ShippingWatch

10 Sep 2021

The following article on Manifold Times was originally written by Danish independent online media ShippingWatch; which has given the Singapore bunkering publication permission to post the article for its readers:

Published: 09.09.21

One of Denmark’s most experienced prosecutors will lead the lawsuit against Dan-Bunkering, Bunker Holding and CEO Keld Demant. The prosecutor aims for a fine and a prison sentence in the so-called Syria case, scheduled to commence next month.

One of Denmark’s most experienced prosecutors, Andreas Myllerup Laursen, will lead the lawsuit against Dan-Bunkering, Bunker Holding and CEO Keld Demant, charged with violations of the Criminal Code and EU’s sanctions against Syria.

The senior prosecutor from Danish organization SGIK, State Prosecutor for Serious Economic and International Crime, notably led the case against former MEP andvice-chair of Danish People’s Party Morten Messerschmidt who was sentencedto six monthsin prison for fraud and misuse of EU funds.

Laursen will be joined by senior prosecutor Anders Dyrvig Rechendorff, also with the SOIK, in the lawsuit against the two oil companies.

ShippingWatch has reached out to Laursen, who doesn’t wish to comment on the case prior to its proceedings, scheduled to commence in Odense, Denmark, on October 26.

Pursuing fine and prison sentence

However, when the SOIK outlined the charge against Dan-Bunkering, Bunker Holding og Bunker Holding CEO Keld R. Demant, the possible outcome, including its penalty, was announced: a fine for the two oil companies and a prison sentence for the CEO.

The companies and Demant have been charged as the authorities believe they either knew or suspected that a series of jet fuel trades to the Russian military in the Mediterranean were ultimately headed towards war-torn Syria. They thus violated EU sanctions and section 110c of the Criminal Code.

“It is our assessment that the deals with the Russian companies violate the EU’s sanctions. It is of course a very serious case if a Danish company violates EU sanctions introduced against another country due to a very critical and dire situation,” said Per Fiig, acting state’s attorney at SOIK, in November last year when the charges were presented.

Bunker Holding, Dan-Bunkering and Demant all deny the charges and have no further comments on the case ahead of its commencement next month.

Experienced defense attorneys in place

The defendants have teamed up with a team of experienced defense lawyers from three different law firms:

Dan-Bunkering will be represented by lawyer and partner Jakob Skude Rasmussenat Gorrissen Federspiel, which also has lawyer and partner Peter Appel sitting on the board of Bunker Holding.

Bunker Holding’s defense will be led by lawyer and partner Henrik B. Sanders from Mazanti- Andersen, known from a number of cases involving financial crimes (Memory Card Technology, Samson Bank, among others).

Keld R. Demant, CEO of Bunker Holding and member of the board in the subsidiary Dan- Bunkering, will be defended by lawyer and partner of Nyborg & Rordam Hanne Rahbeek.

The defendants previously told ShippingWatch that they look forward to presenting their side of the case in court.

“As we have always maintained, there is nothing in our internal investigations that has revealed that there were any persons in Dan-Bunkering or Bunker Holding that were aware of any potential breaches of EU sanctions on Syria.”

English Edit: L. N. Barnes & Christoffer Ostergaard

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Photo credit: Court in Odense / Per Johansen
Source: ShippingWatch
Published: 10 September, 2021

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