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Powerzeek includes Liquefied Biogas in its digital marine fuel marketplace

11 Sep 2020

Independent online marketplace provider for cleaner maritime fuels Powerzeek on Thursday (10 September) said the company has added liquefied biogas (LBG) to its marine fuel platform. 

The inclusion of LBG comes on the back of requests from the shipping market as well as the company’s mission to make it easier to source cleaner fuels such as LBG, it said. 

Powerzeek launched its digital marine fuel platform in April. Since then, the company reports it has successfully onboarded LNG suppliers with a total supply capacity of more than 800,000 tons of LNG. 

It feels the time has come to also add liquefied biogas (LBG), sometimes referred to as liquefied biomethane or bio-LNG.

Biogas is produced from organic waste materials such as food waste, sewage and agricultural waste/manure. This is effectively methane capture and use. As a result, the carbon dioxide that will be released when burning biogas is from sources that would anyway release CO2 or methane, it explained.

Liquefied biogas is therefore a sustainable and renewable product that does not add any new CO2 into the atmosphere, it could even capture more than it emits (net negative).

Powerzeek noted that as a marine fuel, LBG is interchangeable with liquefied natural gas (LNG). Both LBG and LNG consist mainly of methane (CH4), and has the same cryogenic temperature in its liquid form. This means that equipment that stores, transports and uses LNG can also be used for LBG. 

“It is with great pleasure we add LBG as a renewable energy to our platform,” said Dag Lilletvedt, CEO of Powerzeek. 

“Ten years ago I had the pleasure to set up a supply chain of LBG between the UK and Sweden, which enabled a landfill gas producer in London to sell their biogas to a transport company in Stockholm. 

“When we now add LBG to our online platform, we are making it easier for these types of market players to meet and agree on the trade of this renewable energy”.

Photo credit: Powerzeek

Published: 11 September, 2020

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