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Ocean Tankers publishes notice for creditors to prove any debts or claims for publication

07 Dec 2020

A notice in the Government Gazette was published on Friday (4 December) by the Judicial Managers of Ocean Tankers (Pte) Limited for creditors to prove any debts or claims for publication.

The notice reminds creditors that any proof of debt filed shall be regarded as a proof of debt to be used in any Statement of Proposals Meeting held by the company’s Judicial Managers with the company’s creditors. 

The proof of debt may also be used for the purposes of any meeting of Ocean Tankers’ creditors if and when such a meeting is convened in the course of the company’s judicial management. 

The published announcement notes that subject to adjudication of creditor’s proof of debt, creditors must file their proof of debt with Ocean Tankers’ Judicial Managers not later than 5 p.m. on Friday, 18 December 2020 or such later date as may be notified, so as to entitle creditors to vote at the Statement of Proposals Meeting. 

A physical copy of the proof of debt form and the relevant supporting documents must be submitted to the Ocean Tankers’ address at 37 Tuas Road, Singapore 638503.

Any queries may be directed to the Judicial Managers at oceantankerpod@sg.ey.com

Additional details published in the notice are as follows:

Name of Company Ocean Tankers (Pte) Limited

(Judicial Managers Appointed by Court) (the “Company”)

Company No. 197800020G
Address of registered office of abovenamed company 37 Tuas Road Singapore 638503
Number of matter HS/OS 452/2020
Last day for receiving proofs 18 December 2020, 5 p.m.
Names of joint and several Judicial Managers Ee Meng Yen Angela

Purandar Janampalli Rao

Address Ernst & Young LLP
One Raffles Quay
North Tower Level 18
Singapore 048583

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Photo credit: Manifold Times

Published: 7 December, 2020

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