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NYK develops compact sulphur-in-oil analyser for ships

19 Oct 2018

Japanese shipping firm NYK and Nippon Yuka Kogyo Co., Ltd., an NYK Group company, have teamed with Horiba Ltd. to develop a new sulphur-in-oil analyser for ships; the new device is based on an existing device used at onshore analysis centres.

The shipping firm will be able to comply with regulations limiting sulphur oxides (SOx) from vessels and optimise its use of low-sulphur fuel oil with the device, it says.

The device is able to analyse a wide range of marine fuels, from C heavy oil to light oil and maintains the accuracy and reliability of onshore analysis centres.

It uses disposable sample cells for cleanliness and allows onboard engineers to confirm that the sulphur concentration in fuel is under 0.1% before entering an ECA.

“Certain areas around Europe and North America have been designated as emission control areas (ECAs) to prevent air pollution, and ships sailing though those areas are required to use onboard fuel oil having a sulphur content of no more than 0.1%,” explains NYK.

“Therefore, onboard engineers must change to low-sulphur fuel before entering ECAs by calculating the time that the sulphur concentration in tanks and pipes will fall to 0.1% or less.

“Engineers have thus desired to be able to perform onboard sulphur-in-oil analyses to determine the best timing to change fuel and adhere to regulations. This new easy-to-operate sulphur-in-oil analyser for ships has been developed to meet this demand.”

Photo credit: NYK
Published: 19 October, 2018


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