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North P&I: China’s Restrictions on Open Loop Scrubber Discharges

21 Jan 2019

The North of England P&I Association recently provided an industry update on China’s restriction on open loop scrubber discharges:

China’s Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) has published new guidelines, effective from 1stJanuary 2019. The guidelines prohibit the discharge of water washings from open- loop scrubbers in certain areas.

The prohibited areas are:

  • Inland river Emission Control Areas (ECAs)
  • Port areas within coastal ECAs
  • Bohai Sea – the sea area within lines connecting the junction point of shorelines of Dandong, Dalian and shorelines of Yantai, Weihai.

The guidelines also prohibit the incineration of the water washing residues from any type of exhaust gas scrubber. Ships are required to keep accurate records of the stowage and disposal of the washing washings. 

If a vessel is not able to store the washing water it is required to switch to low sulphur fuel (not exceeding 0.5%) prior to entering the above areas. The guidelines also state that under certain circumstances a vessel may apply for an exemption if it uses fuel that does not meet the MSA’s requirements.

A copy of the MSA’s guidelines for ships operating within the ECAs, including enforcement details can be found here.

Source: North of England P&I Association
Published: 22 January, 2019

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