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MMEA detains oil tanker, cargo ship over alleged illegal anchoring offences

31 Jan 2022

The Johor division of Malaysia Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) recently detained two vessels, both over alleged illegal anchoring offences, it said.

Detention of oil tanker

Johor Malaysian Maritime Director, First Maritime Admiral Nurul Hizam Zakaria, noted the Malabo-registered oil tanker was found 8.4 nautical miles northeast of Tanjung Penawar at 10.55 am on Friday (28 January).

The 39-meter-long tanker was controlled by six Indonesian crew aged between 25 to 58 years, all with legal self-identification documents.

An inspection of the ship documents found it’s Captain not obtaining any documents the Malaysian Sea Director for permission to anchor.

As such, the vessel was brought to the Tanjung Sedili Maritime Zone Office for investigation under Section 491B(1)(l) of the Merchant Shipping Ordinance 1952.

Detention of cargo ship

The MMEA official, meanwhile, said another patrol discovered a cargo ship at 30.7 nautical miles east of Tanjung Sedili at 1.33 pm on Sunday (31 January).

An initial inspection found the 120-meter ship not having any license to anchor; it was manned by 20 Indonesian crew aged between 21 and 47 who have valid self-identification documents.

All crew including vessel have been arrested and will be investigated under Section 491B(1)(l) of the Merchant Shipping Ordinance 1952. If found guilty, individuals may be fined not exceeding RM 100,000 or face an imprisonment term of not more than two years, or both.

Editor’s note: Earlier MMEA arrests covered by Manifold Times may be found from the search link here.


Photo credit: MMEA
Published: 31 January, 2022

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