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Marine Fuels Alliance prepares for next phase with launch of ‘upgraded’ membership portal during IP Week

11 Feb 2022

The Marine Fuels Alliance (MFA), a bunker organisation formed in April 2021, is preparing to enter its next phase of development with the launch of an “upgraded” membership portal in late February, shares its Executive Officer.

“We needed an initial webpage to outline our aims, values and mission statement when we created the Marine Fuels Alliance [in 2021],” Anthony Mollet told Singapore bunkering publication Manifold Times.

“It was important to have information available for people across the industry to read and generate interest and engagement.

“The latest upgraded website will be a subscription-based membership portal with categories of membership for companies to choose from. Once approved, access to the site will be given according to their membership level.”

According to Mollet, the MFA plans to create a series of resources covering the areas of claims, credit, sanctions and legal to be made available to members.

“As we develop strategically, we will be uploading such documents for members to have fast-access to key support tools,” he notes.

“Equally, partner companies will be able to showcase their products and services and promote themselves to bunker suppliers in the alliance.”

Mollet, meanwhile, reports the MFA has further developed its Executive Committee structures and is continuing to gain positive endorsement from shipowners who are supporting this initiative to drive improvement.

“The MFA will have six key Executive Committees initially; these have emerged from the conversations held by the original founding Advisory Group since 2020!” He exclaims.

“Each Committee will be tasked with providing strong agendas, dedicating time for the meetings, sharing minutes and actions with members and ultimately, producing tangible resources, guides and support solutions for the MFA.

“Depending on membership level, individuals will be offered a guaranteed seat or an invitation to join the committees. Details will be provided at application.”

Moving forward, Mollet expects the upgraded MFA website – scheduled to be made “live” during the upcoming International Petroleum Week held at London between 22 to 24 February – to further assist in the MFA’s enrolment campaign.

“We wish to be able to discuss the MFA during meetings and gatherings over the days and encourage our industry stakeholders to visit the MFA and consider joining,” he says.

“Bunker suppliers and partner companies wishing to join will be able to do so in the coming period.

“It is an exciting time and real opportunity when those able to visit the UK can do so and once again, discuss the pertinent matters in our industry.

“Please look out for further announcements and apply to join to help set the agenda and strategic development.”

Manifold Times in late November interviewed Mollet who spoke about MFA’s raison d’etre and planned vision for the international marine fuels sector.

Editor’s note: Readers interested in knowing more about the MFA and its future plans are welcomed to contact Anthony Mollet at: [email protected]

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Photo credit: Marine Fuels Alliance
Published: 11 February, 2022

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