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Korea-flagged “Pioneer Spirit” in alleged illegal STS transfer operation

17 Apr 2019

The Vietnam Coast Guard, in a joint operation, reportedly found Korea-flagged 8,735 dwt oil tanker Pioneer Spirit and Vietnamese tanker QNG 0350 in an alleged illegal ship to ship (STS) transfer operation at Quang Ngai province in the South Central Coast region of Vietnam on Tuesday (16 April).

About 8,150 cubic metre (m3) of A95 gasoline was found on Pioneer Spirit while QNG 0350 carried approximately 350 m3 of similar product.

QNG 0350 was shuttling the oil cargo to tank trucks at Sa Ky port (Binh Son district) for delivery to consumers, said its Captain.

The Captains of both vessels, meanwhile, did not have documents and invoices explaining the cargoes onboard.

The Border Guard Department of Quang Ngai Province said the quantity of oil involved in the alleged illegal operation is the largest to date at Quang Ngai.

A record of previous oil tanker detentions by the Vietnam Coast Guard in 2019 can be found below:

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Published: 17 April, 2019

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