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Japan: GSC receives ClassNK AiP for ammonia-ready, LNG-fuelled Panamax bulk carrier

22 Apr 2022

The Planning and Design Center for Greener Ships (GSC), a Japanese organisation aiming for the commercialisation of greener vessels, on Thursday (21 April) received an Approval in Principle (AiP) from classification society ClassNK for a design of an ammonia-ready, liquefied natural gas (LNG)-fuelled Panamax bulk carrier. 

The ship is developed as a flexible and efficient solution to enduring the unpredictable period of fuel transition.

In the short-term it will be operated by using LNG as a bunker fuel, aiming for lower CO2 emissions. 

In the long-term, with the aim toward zero CO2 emissions, it could be converted to ammonia-fuelled propulsion systems or switch its fuel from LNG to liquified carbon-neutral methane while keeping current systems. 

In LNG-fuelled mode, the systems will be operated as dual-fuelled LNG and heavy fuel oil (HFO), and for ammonia-fuelled mode, they will be operated as dual-fuelled ammonia and HFO. 

Both modes can keep the similar endurance and cargo capacity as the current Panamax bulk carrier.

This design tries to apply materials and equipment applicable to both LNG and ammonia as much as possible, and also to use modularised arrangement that makes conversion easier. 

Both will contribute to minimise modification cost and to shorten non-operation periods.

GSC is working to contribute to the sustainable development of Japan’s maritime industry, through the planning and designing of new ships for the realisation of zero emissions in the international shipping sector.

Japan: GSC receives ClassNK AiP for ammonia-ready, LNG-fuelled Panamax bulk carrier

Overview of ammonia-ready LNG-fuelled Panamax bulk carrier

LENGTH (O.A.): abt. 228.9 M

LENGTH (B.P.): 225.45 M

BREADTH (MLD): 32.26 M

DEPTH (MLD): 20.10 M

DEADWEIGHT: abt. 80,400 MT



CH4 / NH3 FUEL TANKS: 2,500m3x 2sets

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Photo credit: Planning and Design Center for Greener Ships
Published: 22 April, 2022

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