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India: K-DISC plans LNG dual fuel engine retrofit of fishing vessel

15 Aug 2019

The Kerala Development and Innovation Strategic Council (K-DISC) of India on Monday (12 August) posted an expression of interest for a pilot project to explore the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a bunker fuel for a fishing vessel.

The strategic think-tank and advisory body constituted by the Government of Kerala plans to convert the diesel engine of an existing 325hp fishing boat to consume LNG and diesel as fuel in an 18-week project time frame.

“K-DISC wishes to promote use of LNG as fuel in the fishing sector. For this purpose it has been decided to initiate, as a pilot project, retrofit of an existing marine diesel engine system to enable it operate on Dual fuel (LNG + Diesel),” it states.

“K-DISC has constituted a procurement committee for selecting suitable vendor to plan and implement the modification as per the scope mentioned herein this EOI document.”

According to K-DISC, the project requires a suitable vendor which is able to modify the existing marine diesel engine and install required LNG fuel storage tanks and other associated equipment and pipelines.

The project also requires modification in the boat hull to accommodate LNG tanks, pipelines, and other associated equipment, and more.

As such, reputed qualified service providers who may retrofit the existing steel hull fishing boat Diesel engine with dual fuel kit to enable the engine to be operated on dual fuel (LNG + Diesel) are invited to submit proposals for the project by 7 September.

Interested parties may find full details of the project available here.

Photo credit: Kerala Development and Innovation Strategic Council
Published: 15 August, 2019


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