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Hyundai Heavy Industries introduces LNG dual fuel powered engine

11 Oct 2019

Hyundai Heavy Industries on Thursday (10 October) says it has developed a new model of the 'HiMSEN engine'.

The new engine model ‘H54DF’ is the world's largest among medium-sized engines with a maximum output of 36,000 horsepower, and can be powered by either diesel and natural gas.

The power of the new model is about three times higher than that of existing dual fuel engines, and is 18% higher than that of diesel engines, it states.

Hyundai Heavy Industries successfully completed the type approval examination of the H54DF engine in the presence of major domestic and overseas class members, and also invited 20 major customers to introduce the new engine.

The engine was developed for ship propulsion, power generation and onshore power generation on the back of tightening environmental regulations.

With the development of the H54DF, Hyundai Heavy Industries now offers a choice of dual-fuel engines with a wide range of output from 1,400 hp to 36,000 hp, allowing it to respond more flexibly to the diverse demands of the market, it says.

“We plan to increase sales of engines worth KRW 260 billion last year to KRW 1 trillion by 2025 by strengthening technology development and sales, especially for eco-friendly engines,” said Lee Ki-dong, CEO of Engine Machinery Business, Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

Hyundai Heavy Industries introduced its first dual fuel engine in 2012; it has been installed on than 450 vessels to date.

Photo credit: Hyundai Heavy Industries
Published: 11 October, 2019


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