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Hong Kong Marine Department sued by Win More Shipping

The Lighthouse Winmore, involved with bunker sales to North Korea, was left at Yeosu for eight months.




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Win More Shipping, the owner of Hong Kong-registered Lighthouse Winmore, Wednesday filed a lawsuit against Hong Kong Marine Department (HKMD) over alleged negligence, according to the South China Morning Post.

The product tanker Lighthouse Winmore was chartered by the Billions Bunker Group to deliver marine fuel to a North Korean vessel Sam Jong 2 in 2017 and has been detained at Yeosu, South Korea since 24 November.

Win More Shipping claimed HKMD failed to demand the release of the vessel from the United Nations even though it wrote a letter explaining its innocence.

An intention by HKMD to cancel the ship’s registration by 22 August 22 would leave the tanker detained in South Korea “indefinitely”, it suggests.

The detained vessel could be released by South Korean authorities “if the [UN] committee decides, on a case-by-case basis and upon the request of the flag state [Hong Kong], that adequate arrangements have been made to prevent the vessel contributing to future violations,” said court documents filed by their solicitor, Brenda Chark & Co.

“If the director proceeds to close the registration of the tanker on August 22 without making a request to the committee, the tanker, with the crew on board, will be left with being detained in South Korea indefinitely.”

The Hong Kong-based legal firm claimed HKMD was planning to deregister the tanker due to classification society Bureau Veritas withdrawing certifications required to maintain its registration.

Insurance firms have also disassociated themselves with the Lighthouse Winmore and leaving the vessel, which has not been maintained since its detention, exposes the Hong Kong government to potential maritime claims in the event of any accidents, it adds.

The owner of Billions Bunker Group, the charterer of Lighthouse Winmore, was charged at the Taiwan High Court (Kaohsiung Branch) in July.

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Published: 2 August, 2018

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Bunker Fuel

Creditors to file proof of debt for Singapore’s collapsed oil firm Hin Leong Trading

Creditors who have not previously filed a proof of debt with the Liquidators in respect of their debts are to file their proof of debt with liquidators by 6 June 2024.





calculator steve pb from Pixabay

A notice in the Government Gazette was published on Thursday (23 May) by liquidators of Singapore-based defunct oil trading company Hin Leong Trading, which is undergoing compulsory liquidation,  for creditors to file proof of debt against the company.

Creditors who have not previously filed a proof of debt with the Liquidators in respect of their debts are to file their proof of debt with the Liquidators in the prescribed form (Form CWU-1) by 6 June 2024 (the Submission Deadline).

Creditors who do not file a proof of debt by the Submission Deadline will be excluded from the aforementioned interim dividend.

For the avoidance of doubt, creditors who had previously filed a proof of debt with the Liquidators shall not be required to re-file their proof of debt.

Proofs of debt may be submitted to the Liquidators by way of e-mail or by mail at the following address:

Hin Leong Trading (Pte.) Ltd (In Compulsory Liquidation)
c/o the Liquidators
7 Straits View, Marina One
East Tower, Level 12
Singapore 018936
Email: [email protected] 

Any queries in relation to and/or arising out of this Notice should be directed to the liquidators by way of email at [email protected]

Manifold Times previously reported Founder of Hin Leong Trading, Lim Oon Kuin, also known as OK Lim, was convicted on two charges of cheating and one charge of instigating forgery for the purpose of cheating after a trial of over 60 days.

The 82-year-old was first charged in court on 14 August 2020, and was subsequently handed further charges in court on 25 September 2020, 30 April 2021 and 24 June 2021 for his role in perpetuating fraud on various financial institutions. 

These three charges concern two fraudulent discounting applications made by Hin Leong to the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC), pursuant to which HSBC disbursed a total of USD 111,683,939 to Hin Leong. The rest of the charges were stood down pending resolution of the trial.

An extensive coverage by Singapore bunkering publication Manifold Times regarding the fall of Hin Leong can be found below:

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Photo credit: steve pb from Pixabay
Published: 28 May 2024

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Singapore: Annual general meetings scheduled for An Xing Shipping and Xin Guang Shipping

Meetings will be held on 11 and 13 June for An Xing Shipping Pte Ltd and Xin Guang Shipping Pte Ltd respectively to to receive an update on firms’ liquidation.





RESIZED Drew Beamer

Several notices were published on the Government Gazette on Monday (27 May) regarding the annual general meetings to be held on 11 and 13 June for An Xing Shipping Pte Ltd and Xin Guang Shipping Pte Ltd respectively. 

Annual general meetings for An Xing Shipping are to be held on 11 June at the following times:

For the company: 10am
For the creditors: 11am

Annual general meetings for Xin Guang Shipping are to be held on 13 June at the following times:

For the company: 10am
For the creditors: 11am

The agenda for all the meetings are:

  1. To receive an update on the liquidation.
  2. To receive an account of the Liquidators’ acts and dealings, and of the conduct of the winding up

The following are the details of the liquidator:

Ho May Kee
c/o 8 Marina View
#40-04/05 Asia Square Tower 1
Singapore 018960


Photo credit: Drew Beamer
Published: 28 May 2024

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Shipping firms face USD 2 mil fine after pleading guilty for dumping oil at sea

Prive Overseas Marine LLC and Prive Shipping Denizcilik Ticaret pleaded guilty to conspiracy, knowingly violating APPS and obstruction of justice related to falsification of Oil Record Book of tanker “PS Dream”.





PS Dream vessel

Two related companies that operated the motor tanker PS Dream – Prive Overseas Marine LLC and Prive Shipping Denizcilik Ticaret – pleaded guilty on Tuesday (21 May) to conspiracy, knowingly violating the Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships (APPS) and obstruction of justice related to the falsification of the tanker’s Oil Record Book, which is a required log.

According to the US Department of Justice, the guilty pleas were entered in federal court in New Orleans.

If the court approves the plea agreement, the companies will be fined a total of USD 2 million and serve four years of probation. Separate charges have been filed against Captain Abdurrahman Korkmaz, a Turkish national who was the ship’s master.

The criminal case stems from the report of a crew member who, on Jan. 11, 2023, contacted the Coast Guard in New Orleans, which was the next port-of-call, and shared a video showing oil being pumped overboard and trailing behind the tanker. When the ship arrived in New Orleans two weeks later, this individual and another crew member blew the whistle and provided evidence to the Coast Guard. Video and photographic images were filed in court today by the prosecutors.

“Deliberate pollution from ships, intentional falsification of records and obstruction of justice are serious environmental crimes that will be vigorously prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” said Assistant Attorney General Todd Kim of the Justice Department’s Environment and Natural Resources Division. “Maritime laws regulating pollution from ships are intended to ensure that ocean waters are not used as a dumping ground.”

“This case involved deceit and willful pollution, and this prosecution is intended to hold both the corporations and individuals accountable,” said U.S. Attorney Duane A. Evans for the Eastern District of Louisiana. “Criminal prosecutions are needed to deter deliberate efforts to circumvent our Nation’s anti-pollution laws. Importantly, $500,000 of the criminal penalty will go toward environmental protection of the marine environment in our area.”

“Today's outcome sends a powerful message: those who falsify logs and take deliberate actions to conceal pollution will face significant consequences,” said Captain Greg Callaghan, Deputy Commander of U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Sector New Orleans. “The Coast Guard and our partners remain steadfast in our shared commitment to safeguarding our waters and holding accountable those who threaten our marine ecosystems. We encourage individuals to continue reporting any suspicious activities, as each report plays a crucial role in protecting the marine environment."

“It is long past time for the maritime industry to meet its obligations under international law and stop illegal pollution from ships,” said Assistant Administrator David M. Uhlmann of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance. “Illegal ocean dumping and falsifying records to conceal those violations will not be tolerated by EPA and our federal law enforcement partners.” 

The falsified logs, presented to the Coast Guard during its inspection, were intended to conceal the fact that the crew had dumped oil-contaminated waste overboard on the voyage to New Orleans and was not complying with MARPOL Annex I, an international treaty regulating oil pollution from ships. 

According to court documents, the ship’s master ordered crew members to pump overboard from the residual oil tank, which contained oily waste. A portable pump placed inside the tank and connected to a long flexible hose was used to discharge directly into the ocean without any required pollution prevention equipment or monitoring. 

The waste oil, including sludge, originated in the engine room and had been improperly transferred into the residual oil tank on the deck of the ship by a prior crew. Senior managers at Prive Shipping were aware that the oil-contaminated waste remained in the tank and were informed by the ship’s master that it had been dumped overboard.

The proposed USD 2 million criminal penalty includes USD 500,000 in organisational community service payments that will fund various maritime environmental projects in the Eastern District of Louisiana. Those projects will be managed by the congressionally established National Fish & Wildlife Foundation. The court also has authority to award up to USD 500,000, half of the APPS portion of the fine, to the whistleblowers that provided evidence leading to conviction.

Prive Overseas Marine is based in Dubai and Prive Shipping is based in Turkey. The corporations were charged with four felonies: conspiracy, an APPS violation and two counts of obstruction of justice. Captain Korkmaz was charged with two counts: a violation of APPS and obstructing the Coast Guard’s inspection of the ship.


Photo credit: büra keskendir / MarineTraffic
Published: 23 May 2024

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