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Harvey Gulf further commits to lower emissions with battery orders to upgrade fleet

01 Oct 2020

US-based marine transportation company Harvey Gulf International Marine on Thursday (24 September) said it will continue the transformation of its fleet ahead of other U.S. flag operators by committing to install 10 additional battery systems on its vessels.

Harvey announced it will install four systems on its remaining LNG PSV’s without battery systems (Harvey America, Harvey Liberty, Harvey Power and Harvey Freedom), converting them to “Tri Fuel” vessels, and an additional two systems on Harvey’s MPSV Harvey Subsea, making it the only MPSV in the America that is dual fuel and with electric battery power.

Another four batteries will be installed on three of Harvey’s 300 and 310’ PSV’s (Harvey Supporter, Harvey Hawk and Harvey Condor), with two systems being installed on one of those vessels.

The additional 10 battery systems will allow Harvey Gulf to own and operate the largest fleet of combined dual and tri fueled vessels in the world, it said.

“Now that we have successfully completed sea-trials of the Harvey Energy, America’s first Tri Fueled vessel utilizing three fuel sources, diesel, LNG, and electric battery power, and with battery power being installed on the Harvey Champion, making her dual fueled, my team and I have made the decision to purchase 10 additional battery systems to be installed on our largest PSV’s and one of our newest MPSV’s,” said Shane Guidry

Harvey operates Platform Supply Vessels powered by both LNG and battery systems, a Hybrid

Anchor Handling Tug for ship tendering service, America’s only LNG marine fueling dock, and

will soon take delivery of America’s first Dynamic Position Class (1) Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Articulated Tug and Barge bunkering vessel.

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Photo credit: Harvey Gulf International Marine
Published: 1 October, 2020

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