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News / LNG Bunkering/ Greek govt issues Presidential Decree on safe LNG bunkering ops

Greek govt issues Presidential Decree on safe LNG bunkering ops

02 Jul 2019
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The Greek Government Gazette, the official journal of the Government of Greece which lists all laws passed in a set time period ratified by Cabinet and President, on 20 June published the Presidential Decree (PD) on safe LNG Bunkering operations, according to Poseidon Med II (PMII).

PMII is a project to bring about the adoption of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a marine fuel at East Mediterranean.

“Τhe PD is the umbrella legislation taking into account all national and international rules and practices, while containing a set of provisions and minimum criteria, such as: safety & emergency procedures, Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPS), fire-fighting measurements, manuals overview for LNG bunkering preparation & execution, training and other pillars, which will allow Greek ports to accommodate LNG bunkering operations,” it says.

“PMII team strongly contributed to the drafting of the Presidential Decree, which is a major milestone of PMII work on national regulatory framework.”

For more information about the Presidential Degree click here.

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Published: 2 July, 2019

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