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Greece: ‘Major milestone’ for LNG bunkering

03 Jun 2018

A major milestone for liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunkering at Greece was achieved at late May through the Poseidon Med II LNG bunkering project during a ceremony held at the Greek Ministry of Shipping & Island Policy office.

Representatives of the project witnessed Greek Minister of Shipping P. Kouroumplis presenting the Presidential Decree containing safety provisions for LNG bunkering operations in Greece.

The Presidential Decree is the umbrella legislation that takes into account all national and international rules and practices and provides an overview for the preparation and execution of LNG bunkering at all Greek ports.

“Poseidon Med II project started three years ago aiming at establishing the use of LNG as marine fuel in the East Mediterranean region,” said George Polychroniou, Poseidon Med II Project Manager, Executive Director Strategy, Development, Administration & IT, Public Gas Corporation, DEPA S.A.

“It has since then worked towards this direction, using 26 partners’ know-how and expertise.

“The Presidential Decree that was presented yesterday is a milestone for the project and the necessary step to establish the regulatory framework which will ensure the safe and uninterrupted use of LNG as marine fuel.

“We are proud to see Greece among the pioneers to adopt a comprehensive regulatory framework, demonstrating in this way that LNG is a sustainable solution.

“In parallel, Poseidon Med II has also advanced the technical aspects for the use of LNG, undergoing technical designs for ports infrastructure and LNG fuelled vessels, as well as environmental and economic feasibility studies which will facilitate the effective transition to the LNG era.”

Photo credit: Poseidon Med II
Publication date: 4 June, 2018


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