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Fuel contamination: Aderco backs ‘get me home’ solution

02 Oct 2018

Switzerland-based fuel treatment manufacturer Aderco is backing claims its fuel treatment solution is able to help shipowners affected by contaminated bunker fuel.

“To date, we have completely solved 132 international cases of marine fuel contamination [in 2018] of which 100 were caused by chemical contamination,” Managing Director Philippe Lecloux told Manifold Times.

He notes the company’s products have been verified and tested to work at Canada state-owned CRIQ (Centre de Recherche Industrielle du Québec, translated to, Center of Research Industry of Quebec).

The unique nature of vessel fuel contamination cases, meanwhile, has prompted Aderco to setup a specialised technical branch for advising shipowners and stakeholders on solving contaminated fuel issues by using the company’s fuel treatment solutions.

“Our technical team does the recommendation on a case by case basis upon submission of the complete ISO8217 analysis, reserve stability test, and GCMS (Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry) data,” says Lecloux.

He adds the products can be delivered into the vessel’s bunker tanks via a range of methods, including through the sounding pipe, venting pipe, manhole, or simply from a transfer pump depending on the situation.

“Once the content of the fuel is completely identified Aderco produces a tailor made solution to the shipowner as there is no one answer for all. This is why we invite stakeholders with problematic fuels to contact us directly.”

Interested parties can contact the technical team at Aderco at: technical@aderco.com

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Photo credit: Aderco
Published: 2 October, 2018


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