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FOBAS: Surge in bunker off-spec cases at Antwerp port during 2H May

06 Jun 2019

Fifty eight off-spec marine fuel cases were identified by the Lloyd’s Register Fuel Oil Bunkering Analysis and Advisory Service (FOBAS) during the period between 15 to 31 (2H) May 2019.

The off-spec cases occurred when a result was outside the 95% confidence limit of either ISO 8217 6th edition test parameter or a value given by the BDN or sample label.

There was an increase in off specification marine fuel cases concerning viscosity at the Belgium port of Antwerp; the development replaces Singapore, which traditionally experiences the most number of off-spec cases due to its volume, as the top off-spec bunker port in the period of 2H May.

The top bunker ports with reported off-spec bunker fuel cases in 2H May are as follows:

Port  Characteristic  ISO 8217
Limit or
Final result Unit
Antwerp Viscosity at 40°C 4.00** 6.06 cSt
Antwerp Viscosity at 40°C 3.50** 6.02 cSt
Antwerp Viscosity at 50°C 377.0** 401.5 cSt
Antwerp Viscosity at 50°C 377.0** 398.4 cSt
Antwerp Viscosity at 50°C 377.0** 410.2 cSt
Antwerp Viscosity at 50°C 377.0** 397.9 cSt
Antwerp Viscosity at 50°C 377.0** 401.8 cSt
Antwerp Water 0.50* 0.65 % Volume
Singapore Aluminium + Silicon 60.0* 131 mg/kg
Singapore MCR 10% bottom 0.30* 3.57 % Mass
Singapore Sulphur 0.08** 0.15 % Mass
Singapore Sulphur 0.07** 0.12 % Mass
Singapore Viscosity at 50°C 376.8** 404.6 cSt
Singapore Water 0.50* 2.05 % Volume
Balboa Ash 0.100* 0.134 % Mass
Balboa Ash 0.100* 0.124 % Mass
Balboa Water 0.50* 0.95 % Volume

*ISO 8217 6th edition limit
**Advised value from BDN or sample label
***Due to the statutory significance of Flash Point the 95% confidence limit is not applied

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Published: 6 June, 2019

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