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First U.S. flagged battery powered PSV completes three months of successful operations

29 Dec 2020

US-based marine transportation company Harvey Gulf International Marine on Monday (21 December) said it has completed three months of successful operations with battery power on its tri-fueled PSV Harvey Energy, which operates on LNG, battery power, and diesel fuel.

Upon commissioning of the battery system, the Harvey Energy immediately went on hire for a term contract with a major oil company.

Additionally, the second US flagged PSV that will operate utilising battery power will be the PSV Harvey Champion, in January.

“I’m very pleased with the three months that just ended for operation of one of my vessels with battery power. We are seeing in excess of 20% fuel savings, as well as major reductions in carbon emissions,” said Shane Guidry, Harvey CEO.

“In addition to reducing fuel consumption, the battery system on board absorbs electrical spikes caused by DP operation, allowing the main engines to maintain an even load and produce less carbon

“For 10 years, all of my US competitors have been chasing their tail trying to catch up with me and all of my accomplishments in de-carburization. Clearly, I’m the pioneer and leader in this space.

“But I’m glad to see ECO stepping up and being third. I look forward to other companies following suit in the quest for de-carbonization for all of our futures.”

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Photo credit: Harvey Gulf
Published: 29 December, 2020

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