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LNG Bunkering

ENGIE’s LNG assets to be acquired by Total, others

European Commission has approved Total to takeover LNG supply, sale and regasification contracts, and more.




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The European Commission has approved Total to acquire the portfolio of liquefied natural gas (LNG) assets owned by ENGIE.

The ENGIE LNG asset portfolio includes LNG supply, sale and regasification contracts, ownership and drawing rights to liquefaction plants and LNG tankers, as well as the legal entities and personnel associated with these activities. 

“Total is an energy provider with international operations in the oil and gas, renewable energy and power generation sectors,” says a statement from the European Commission.

“The Commission concluded that the proposed acquisition would not give rise to competition concerns in light of the limited overlap between Total's and ENGIE LNG's activities in the wholesale supply, transportation and regasification of LNG, than the liquefaction of natural gas. 

“In addition, the vertical relationships between Total and Engie LNG are not likely to weaken competition in the wholesale supply and regasification of LNG in the European Economic Area and in France in particular.”

ENGIE, together with its partners under the Gas4Sea brand, operate the 5,000-cbm LNG bunker vessel Engie Zeebrugge (built 2016).

Titan LNG and its sister company Rolande, meanwhile, has announce the acquisition of ENGIE LNG Solutions B.V. as per the first of March 2018. The entity covers the downstream LNG activities of ENGIE in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Rolande will add ENGIE’s four truck-fuelling stations to its network, bringing the total number to 12. The marine activities will be merged into the portfolio of Titan. This includes projects and existing customer contracts.

“Titan believes this acquisition is good news for all our customers as the activities of ENGIE LNG Solutions fit our strategy perfectly,” it says.

“This combination will help us to accelerate the safe, affordable, and flexible delivery of LNG to our industrial and shipping customers.

“Our LNG Bunkering pontoons will put us in a good position to capture the growth in the market. The first bunkering pontoon the FlexFueler001, will be operational in the ARA region this year.”

Photo credit: Titan LNG
Published: 17 April, 2018


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LNG Bunkering

Enagás quadruples LNG bunker fuel supply to ships in two years

Volume of LNG loaded as fuel by Enagás-operated plants in 2023 amounted to 1,359 GWh, over four times the figure achieved in 2021 (300 GWh), says firm.





Enagás quadruples LNG bunker fuel supply to ships in two years

Spanish energy company Enagás on Wednesday (28 May) said the volume of LNG loaded as fuel by Enagás-operated plants in 2023 amounted to 1,359 GWh, over four times the figure achieved in 2021 (300 GWh).

Enagás said it has implemented comprehensive solutions by adapting its terminals and building supply barges through its subsidiary Scale Gas, positioning itself as the European operator with the largest aggregate loading capacity.

“The progress is due to the success of public-private partnership in projects such as CORE LNGas hive and LNGhive2, co-funded by the European Commission. These initiatives, led by Puertos del Estado and coordinated by Enagás, have developed an integrated, safe and efficient logistics chain for the supply of LNG as fuel on the Iberian Peninsula,” it said on its website. 

The Enagás regasification terminal in Barcelona can carry out direct bunkering operations (pipe to ship, PTS) and, since the Haugesund Knutsen, a vessel co-owned by Knutsen and Scale Gas, began operating in Barcelona in early 2023, it has also been supplying LNG as fuel via small vessels (ship to ship, STS). 

“Thanks to bunkering operations in the Port of Barcelona, 63,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent have already been avoided,” the firm added. 

With the start of operations of the Levante LNG vessel, co-owned by Peninsula and Scale Gas, the volume loaded in the first four months of 2024 at the Enagás plant in Huelva has increased by 82% compared to the total supply in 2023. This terminal loads LNG onto STS supply barges and will soon carry out PTS operations. 

In addition, Scale Gas is building a third LNG and BioLNG supply vessel, with the support of the Spanish Government through Next Generation funds, which will operate mainly in the Canary Islands from 2026.

The Enagás terminal in Cartagena will soon also be able to offer the possibility of carrying out STS operations.

In addition to these three regasification terminals, which are wholly owned by Enagás, the company’s majority-owned terminals in Spain also provide bunkering services: El Musel in Gijón, Saggas in Sagunto and BBG in Bilbao offer Truck to Ship (TTS) services, and the latter also PTS.

“Compared to traditional maritime fuels, LNG practically eliminates emissions of sulphur oxide (SOX), while also reducing nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions by 80-90% and CO2 emissions by 20-30%. CO2 emissions can be reduced by about two million tonnes by 2030, by using LNG as a maritime fuel in Spain,” Enagás said.

“This would be equivalent to replacing more than one million combustion vehicles with electric vehicles.”

“Faced with a growing demand for bunkering, Enagás is offering new solutions to ensure a cleaner and more sustainable future in maritime transport, increasing its abatement capacity - emissions reduction - by promoting operations based on BioLNG.”


Photo credit: Enagás
Published: 30 May 2024

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LNG Bunkering

Gasum and Equinor ink continuation of long-term LNG bunkering agreement

Agreement builds on the success of the previous contract Gasum has had with Equinor; Gasum’s bunker vessels “Coralius”, “Kairos” and “Coral Energy” will be used for the bunkering operations.





Gasum and Equinor ink continuation of long-term LNG bunkering agreement

Nordic liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunker supplier Gasum on Tuesday (28 May) said it signed a long-term contract with Norway-based global energy company Equinor whereby Gasum continues to supply LNG to Equinor’s dual-fuel chartered fleet of vessels. 

The agreement builds on the success of the previous contract Gasum has had with Equinor. Gasum’s bunker vessels Coralius, Kairos and Coral Energy will be used for the bunkering operations.

The agreement also includes additional support services such as cooling down and gassing up, which has also been a part of Gasum’s previous collaboration with Equinor. 

Gasum has organised three separate LNG cool down operations for Equinor in Skagen so far this year.

Both Gasum and Equinor have committed to sustainability goals to enable a cleaner energy future. Equinor’s ambition is to become a net-zero emissions energy company by 2050.

Using LNG in maritime transport means complete removal of sulfur oxides (SOx) and particles, and reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions of up to 85 percent as well as a reduction in CO2 emissions by at least 20%. LNG is interchangeable with liquefied biogas (LBG/bio-LNG), which reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 90% compared to conventional fuel such as marine gasoil (MGO).

With LNG and bio-LNG the maritime industry can reduce emissions already today, instead of waiting for future solutions. Gasum’s strategic goal is to bring yearly seven terawatt hours (7 TWh) of renewable gas to market by 2027. Achieving this goal would mean combined carbon dioxide reduction of 1.8 million tons per year for Gasum’s customers.

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Related: Gasum expands LNG bunkering business to ARA region through partnership with Equinor


Photo credit: Gasum
Published: 29 May 2024

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Bunker Fuel

ENGINE on Fuel Switch Snapshot: LNG costlier than VLSFO

Singapore’s VLSFO price is cheaper than LNG; LNG approaches parity with VLSFO in Rotterdam; price gap between biofuel and LNG shrinks.





ENGINE on Fuel Switch Snapshot: LNG costlier than VLSFO

Once a week, bunker intelligence platform ENGINE will publish a snapshot of alternative and conventional bunker fuel prices in the world’s two biggest bunkering hubs. The following is the latest snapshot:

27 May 2024

  • Singapore’s VLSFO price is cheaper than LNG
  • LNG approaches parity with VLSFO in Rotterdam
  • Price gap between biofuel and LNG shrinks

LNG bunker benchmarks in Rotterdam and Singapore continue to rise sharply.

With estimated EU Allowance (EUA) costs included in bunker fuel costs, Singapore's LNG bunker price has surged $34-37/mt in the past week after a $29-30/mt jump the week prior.

After adjusting the price for calorific contents to become VLSFO-equivalent, Singapore's LNG price has flipped to a premium of $29-36/mt over its VLSFO in the past week, from a $30-36 discount noted a week prior.

Rotterdam's fossil LNG bunker price has closed even further on VLSFO by $33-34/mt over the past week, making it only $20-33/mt cheaper than VLSFO now.

Biofuel price premium in Singapore over fossil LNG has dropped by another $61-62/mt to $75-81/mt in the past week. In Rotterdam, the bio-bunker premium over LNG has narrowed by $11/mt to $156-168/mt.


Rotterdam's VLSFO price has mostly followed Brent's downward movement over the past week. Rotterdam’s VLSFO benchmark has declined by $11-18/mt in the past week, depending on whether the estimated EUA costs are included.

Availability of VLSFO is normal in Rotterdam, with lead times of 3-5 days recommended to ensure full coverage from suppliers, a trader said.

Singapore’s VLSFO benchmark has also tracked Brent’s movement, falling $32/mt over the past week.

Lead times for VLSFO in Singapore have exhibited significant fluctuations recently. Most suppliers now recommend lead times of up to 10 days for this grade, while some can accommodate stems within five days.


Rotterdam’s B24-VLSFO HBE bunker price has inched $5/mt higher in the past week. When we add estimated EUA costs, the price has gained $8-10/mt, depending on whether we are looking at voyages between EU ports or between EU ports and non-EU ports.

A huge gain in the price of palm oil mill effluent methyl ester (POMEME) feedstock – qualified for Dutch HBE rebates – has pushed the price higher. PRIMA-assessed POMEME price in the ARA has jumped by $70/mt to $1,368/mt in the past week.

In contrast, Singapore’s B24-VLSFO UCOME bunker price has slumped by $25-28/mt, depending on whether the price is adjusted with estimated EUA costs.

The price has declined amid a $10/mt drop in UCOME FOB China, according to PRIMA Markets. Chinese biodiesel exports to the EU are being investigated by the European Commission for "unfairly traded biodiesel". The ongoing investigation has dented Chinese biodiesel inflows into European countries.


Rotterdam and Singapore’s LNG bunker prices have seen significant upticks in the past week.

Rotterdam’s LNG bunker benchmark has climbed $16-22/mt higher, depending on whether estimated EU ETS costs are included in the cost of fuel. This increase has been driven by the underlying front-month NYMEX Dutch TTF Natural Gas benchmark, which has seen an uptick due to heavy maintenance activities at Norwegian gas facilities.

Singapore’s LNG bunker benchmark has risen by a staggering $34-37/mt in the past week. The movement is influenced by the upward trend in the underlying Japan/Korea Marker (JKM) gas benchmark and prevailing trends in the Asian LNG market.

Analysts at ANZ Bank noted that “the rally in global gas prices continued amid ongoing buying from importers.” Importers such as Japan and South Korea are restocking gas inventories ahead of the Northern Hemisphere summer, further driving demand.

By Konica Bhatt


Photo credit and source: ENGINE
Published: 28 May 2024

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