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EMSA publishes inspection guide for sulphur in bunkers

31 May 2018

The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), an agency under the European Union (EU), Wednesday published the Sulphur Inspection Guidance 2018.

The 28-page document is intended to provide guidance for a harmonised approach to the inspection of ships, ascertaining their compliance, identifying non-compliances and applying control procedures for the enforcement of Directive (EU) 2016/802 for sulphur content of marine fuels, it says.

The provisions of the Directive apply to all ships of all flags, including domestic shipping and those whose journey began outside the EU.

It sets sulphur content limits in the marine fuels that can be used by ships in territorial seas, exclusive economic zones and pollution control zones of the EU Member States, including sulphur oxide (SOx) Emission Control Areas (SECA).

Any sulphur inspection can only focus on the operation and behaviour of a ship while in areas and ports of the geographical jurisdiction of the Member State. However, additional enforcement actions may be required in accordance with international maritime law.

A copy of the EMSA guide can be found here.

Published: 31 May, 2018


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