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Delegates discuss LNG bunkering at TotalEnergies’ inaugural Marine LNG Forum in April

06 Jul 2021

Delegates at the inaugural Marine LNG Forum hosted by TotalEnergies have heard the latest insights powering the global LNG bunkering market, and the challenges and opportunities the shipping industry is likely to face as it progresses towards decarbonisation.

Held on 28th April, the event brought together industry experts from across the marine fuels, engine manufacturing, vessel chartering and operating, lubrication and certification sectors, including:

  • AET: Capt. Amit Pal, Global Director, Dynamic Positioning Shuttle Tankers (DPST)
  • Bureau Veritas: Carlos Guerrero, Global Technology Leader, LNG Carriers, Tankers & LNGBVs
  • Lubmarine: Nikolaos Kotakis, Technical Director
  • TotalEnergies Marine Fuels: Jesper Rosenkrans, Global Sales & Business Development Director and Mireille Franco, HSEQ & Technical Director
  • TotalEnergies Trading Shipping: Sébastien Roche, General Manager Technical Department
  • WinGD: Volkmar Galke, Executive Management Sales

Hosted by TotalEnergies, delegates discovered the latest developments and initiatives that are underway in 2021 to help shipping companies navigate the industry’s energy transition.

Speakers highlighted the key role LNG has to play in supporting the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) decarbonisation targets, and collectively agreed that taking a wait-and-see approach is not a strategy. If the IMO targets are to be met, the shipping industry needs to act now and LNG is part of the solution.

Jesper Rosenkrans, Global Sales & Business Development Director at TotalEnergies Marine Fuels, said: “LNG represents an available and competitive fuel solution, and a viable pathway to greener bio-LNG, which collectively contribute to the IMO’s long-term strategy of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from ships. Through this Forum, we not only demonstrated why LNG offers a compelling combination of applicability, environmental benefits, and commercial sense, but also how shipping companies can make the switch to cleaner LNG marine fuel.”

Key discussions at the Forum looked at how:

  • LNG is the cleanest marine fuel solution available at scale today, to help reduce shipping industry emissions.
  • LNG provides a practical pathway for the development of future marine fuels including Biomethane and Ammonia.
  • LNG can lead to a net emission reduction even after factoring in methane slip risk. A Sphera study, cited during the event, showed that a 15-23% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions when using LNG to power two-stroke ship engines is achievable net of methane slip.

Looking on the horizon to 2050, shipping has set its course for decarbonisation with the ultimate goal of delivering at least 50% reduction in total annual greenhouse gas emissions compared with 2008. Rising to this challenge requires collaboration and cooperation right across all sectors of the industry.

Serge Dal Farra, Global Marketing Manager at Lubmarine, says: “We created this Forum to enable the shipping community to engage in an in-depth and extensive discussion. With over 500 delegates signing up for the forum, we were extremely grateful to all our panels experts who were able to share exactly where we are in terms of global LNG developments today, and how those developments are already creating the foundations for the successful delivery and implementation of alternative fuels tomorrow.”

Rosenkrans added: “The strongest message from across the panel was that if the IMO targets are to be met, there is no ‘either LNG or alternative fuels scenario’. We must grasp the benefits of LNG today. Forgoing the opportunity to cut carbon emissions for the years ahead by not switching to LNG, while waiting for future fuels to be commercialised, isn’t an option. As a broad energy company, TotalEnergies is committed to the energy transition and we firmly believe, LNG is part of that energy basket today and will be in the future.”


Photo credit: Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions
Published: 6 July, 2021


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