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Dan-Bunkering Copenhagen welcomes four new hires

11 Sep 2018

The following article is a press release from A/S Dan-Bunkering:

A/S Dan-Bunkering Ltd. is pleased to announce the employment of four new Bunker Traders as per 1 August 2018.

Asia Joanna Podraza was born in Poland but raised in Denmark, thus she manages both Danish, Polish, and English. Furthermore, she is in possession of a diploma in Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School as well as experience from various sales positions.

Lennart Larsson is of Danish origin and graduated from boarding school prior to entering the catering business. His background contains challenges within administration, sales, marketing and events.

Thomas Jørgensen is also Danish and holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Copenhagen Business School as well as experience from the financial sector.

William Christoffer Seidenfaden, Danish origin, has prior been involved within the hospitality and customer-based business. The past two years he has managed his own company in which he acted as a consultant within architecture and design.

With these four additions, the team in Copenhagen now counts 12 traders holding a vast amount of years of combined and broadly-based experience.
Contact details for the traders are as follows:

Asia Joanna Podraza:
Phone: +45 3345 5431
Mobile: +45 2677 2256
Fax: +45 3345 5411
E-mail and Skype for Business: jdr@dan-bunkering.com

Lennart Larsson:
Phone: +45 3345 5429
Mobile: +45 2845 0389
Fax: +45 3345 5411
E-mail and Skype for Business: mln@dan-bunkering.com

Thomas Jørgensen:
Phone: +45 3345 5426
Mobile: +45 2845 0375
Fax: +45 3345 5411
E-mail and Skype for Business: thj@dan-bunkering.com

William Christoffer Seidenfaden:
Phone: +45 3345 5427
Mobile: +45 2845 0364
Fax: +45 3345 5411
E-mail and Skype for Business: wis@dan-bunkering.com

Photo credit: A/S Dan-Bunkering
Published: 11 September, 2018


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